Golden tips for the first holiday with your baby

Gouden tips voor de eerste vakantie met je baby

So, the holiday is booked. The countdown can start! Where before you could pack your bags the night before, with a little one there is just a little more preparation beforehand. In this guide we provide you with a number of useful tips for a successful holiday together with your newborn. Whether you opt for a car holiday in your own country or a flight holiday to a sunny destination, we help you on your way. Because good preparation is half the battle.

Apply for a passport or identity card for your baby in time
If you want to travel across the border with your baby, he needs his own travel document. This must include a passport photo with your baby looking straight into the camera. That can sometimes be a challenge, but luckily the passport photo rules for babies are a lot more flexible than for adults. Also make sure that you apply for the travel document on time. The duration of the application varies per municipality, but take into account a processing time of approximately one week.

Car or plane?
One of the advantages of a car holiday is that you can take more stuff with you than when you travel by plane. The carrycot, the bouncer, the changing pad, the playpen mat… it's all possible! Important to keep in mind: never travel for more than 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. Take short breaks for a breath of fresh air and some exercise.

Have you booked a flight holiday? Until the age of two, your child can sit on your lap. You can use a travel cot for long flights. The following applies to both a car and a plane holiday: take sufficient food, drink and entertainment with you. Think of various snacks, toys, but also an extra set of clothes is not a superfluous luxury. Not everything at home yet? Take a look at our website for practical travel items that you can also use for a short vacation rent.

Book a nice, centrally located accommodation
A pleasant stay for your family can make a huge difference to your holiday pleasure. Choose an accommodation that babyproof and where, for example, a baby cot is already available. In addition, it is also useful to opt for a centrally located accommodation, so that you have basic facilities in the vicinity, such as a supermarket and some nice restaurants. An apartment is an ideal choice when you go on holiday with your newborn baby for the first time. It gives you the freedom to prepare food yourself and not have to leave the house with every meal. Very handy when your little one is just having a nap.

Breastfeeding is ideal when you are on vacation, you always have it with you and it is always the ideal temperature. In addition, you don't have to bring any extra items such as bottles, powdered milk and a thermos. Do you bottle feed? Also totally fine! Just make sure you bring enough food for the entire trip, because they do not sell the same brands of formulas everywhere.

And last but not least: don't stuff your bag and suitcases with diapers. It would be a real shame to trade in all your precious trunk space for a product that they sell all over the world.