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Huur nu al je favoriete speelgoed!

Children love to play, preferably all day long. Playing with toys is essential for children because they are good for emotional, social and motor development. That's all well and good, but after a while your entire house is full of toys while only a small part is actually played with. A waste of money, clean-up time and space. The great thing about renting toys is that you can exchange them for something new. This way you can alternate regularly and your child will remain interested.

Save yourself the investment and exchange your toys for other toys, so it remains innovative and fun for your children! We can make another child happy with the toys you return.


The attention for process-oriented playing has been increasing in recent years. But what is that actually? Process-oriented play is about the child's experience and not about the end result. In this way, children learn from the process they go through, during which they can try, discover and experience. By focusing on the process, children learn to solve problems, use their creativity and develop their own ideas. This way they are given the space to experiment and make mistakes, so that they can grow and develop. With Modu and Kapla toys you can easily initiate process-oriented play. By letting your child's creativity run wild, they will not only create something fun, but above all, they will have fun while doing this and learn more about themselves and their environment.


Exploring the world on their own bike or scooter, what child wouldn't want this? It's also the perfect way to get them moving and staying active. Regular cycling or scootering is good for children's physical health and endurance. It also helps to improve their balance and coordination, which contributes to their general motor skills. In addition, exploring the environment in this way can help children increase their curiosity and imagination. Finally, having to handle their own bicycle can teach them about responsibility and safety. So what are you waiting for? Let your children explore the world on a Woom bicycle or Micro scooter!


Climbing and scrambling is a favorite of many children. Now it is not only fun but also good for them. It stimulates their physical development, cognitive and social skills. By climbing and playing, children learn to know their limits and push them in a safe way. This contributes to their self-confidence and self-image. Children also develop their motor skills and improve their coordination and balance while playing. With Ette Tete and Jindl products, children can climb, slide, balance and build, all from the living room.


By renting you not only contribute to a sustainable and circular world, it can also save you a lot of money! Renting is easily 50-70% cheaper than buying new. View our entire toy range.

“Very happy with Tiny Library! A very nice and sustainable option to rent things that you only use for a short time but really need. Communication was nice and clear! Would do it again in a heartbeat!” - Roosje B.

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