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We recently went live on Instagram about the washable diaper phenomenon. Of course we did this with Steef Fleur, founder of Billie Wonder and guru in the field of washable diapers. Steef Fleur, a former photographer, was inspired by seeing a child in washable diapers during a job in California and decided to investigate this option. Although the old-fashioned image of a cloth with a safety pin still exists, this is no longer the reality. With her brand Billie Wonder she put washable diapers back on the map. Below you will find our most important take-outs from the conversation.

Your child can become potty trained faster by using washable diapers

Did you know that in the 1940s, children were toilet trained on average before 1 year of age? In the 1960s this was an average of 2 years. Nowadays, parents sometimes even struggle to potty train their child before they go to school. This is partly due to the rapid development of the disposable diaper. Using cloth diapers helps with earlier toilet training, meaning parents can save up to two years of diapers. Although getting used to cloth diapers takes some time (you'll get used to it within a week or two) , renting a complete set or buying a trial kit from Billie Wonder can help you get into a rhythm quickly.

Washing cloth diapers is not rocket science

The right washing routine is key to using cloth diapers. The tip is to use non-ecological washing powder for colored laundry. Don't be alarmed, because washable diapers are a lot more sustainable than disposable diapers. We'll get to that in a moment. Then the washing routine: Steef Fleur has two children and washed twice a week during the diaper period. Another tip: do a short cold pre-wash in the machine, this rinses out the proteins. You can then wash it with your regular laundry.

Washable diapers are indeed more sustainable than disposable diapers

Although some people question whether washable diapers are sustainable due to the use of more water and non-ecological detergent, a new life cycle assessment from Rijkswaterstaat shows that they are 80% less harmful than disposable diapers. Furthermore, cloth diapers can be used so often that their production becomes negligible.

It doesn't have to be black and white

If you choose washable diapers, this does not mean that you can never use disposable diapers again. You can also use cloth diapers part-time and give the babysitter and daycare center the choice. In Steef Fleur's experience, her babysitters always opted for washable diapers.

Washable diapers are quite an investment

Besides the fact that finding a routine for using cloth diapers takes some time, it also costs quite a bit of money. That's why you can rent an all-in-one package of washable diapers from Billie Wonder at Tiny Library from 32.50 per month. Would you rather buy but are not sure if it is really something for you? Then the Billie Wonder trial kit might be something for you.

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