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    co sleeper

    The use of a co-sleeper or push-on crib has become increasingly popular in recent years, and we don't think that's surprising. How cozy and nice can it be to have your baby so close to you during the night and to sleep together in the first months. Experts indicate that the use of a co-sleeper strengthens the bond between parent and child and promotes a secure bond with your baby. Because you are close to your child, your child will gain basic trust in you as a parent, which is important for healthy development. Research also shows that babies who sleep next to their parents breastfeed more often and thus disturb the parent's sleep less on average. And did we also mention that as a parent you have to get out of bed less often to reassure your baby?

    How long have you been using a co-sleeper?

    You can use a bedside crib for a maximum of 6 months. After 6 months, the child can push itself up and there is a chance that it will climb out of the crib independently. For this reason, it is recommended to switch to a cot after six months.

    Rent a co-sleeper at tiny library

    You use a side-by-side crib for a relatively short time. It is therefore an ideal product to rent. This way you only pay for the period that you use the product. At Tiny Library you can rent co-sleepers from Bednest and Chicco , among others. Buying a new co-sleeper can easily cost around 500 euros: at Tiny Library you pay a low amount per month and you quickly save 50-70% of this amount by renting. Moreover, you don't have to worry about returning, reselling or storing. In addition to the financial and practical benefits, it is also the most sustainable choice.

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