Tiny Care Damage Coverage

We take into account that you use the rented products intensively, and babies and children sometimes make a mess of them (trust us, we know!). We don't think that is a problem. With us you can rent your baby equipment without any worries.

Does it make you feel better to cover your products against damage? This is easy with our Tiny Care Damage Coverage. Tiny Care covers 100% of the repair costs if your rented product is damaged during the rental period. Add the coverage to your shopping cart and enjoy your products even more worry-free.

The Tiny Care damage coverage only concerns damage that can be expected during normal use of the products. Damage caused by incorrect use of the products is not covered by this insurance. In that case, the costs for repairs or replacing a part will be charged to the tenant. Even if the damage is not reported to us in time, the costs for repair or replacement will be charged to the tenant.

Any production errors or defects from the manufacturer will of course not be charged to you, but we do ask that you report and document them to us immediately (within 24 hours). We can then help you with a new product.

Is there damage that we can no longer repair and that makes the product unusable or compromises safety? Report it to us as soon as possible and no later than within 24 hours.

Follow these steps in case of damage during your rental period

1. Report the damage within 24 hours. This can be done by sending an email to customerservice@tinylibrary.nl .

2. Photograph the damage of the damaged product and send us the photos as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours after the damage report has been made.

3. After your claim has been processed, you will receive a return label by email. Depending on the damage, you send the product back to our warehouse or to the manufacturer. If the product still works properly, you can also choose to continue the rental without repair or replacement product.

4. As soon as your product has arrived at our warehouse, our customer service will inform you about the repair options and any costs.

What is not covered by Tiny Care's insurance?

Please note that certain matters are not covered by Tiny Care's insurance, such as:

- Theft of products
- Loss of products
- Intentionally damaged products
- Damage, loss or theft of products while on holiday

In most cases, your own liability insurance can cover theft or loss of products. Ask your insurance company about coverage of these costs.

If something happens to the products during your holiday, this damage or loss will be covered by your travel insurance.

In the above cases, always contact our customer service immediately to report theft, loss or damage.

If you have had an accident with a car seat:
Please contact our customer service within 24 hours and report the damage. You will receive a new car seat and an invoice from us, so that the damage can be recovered from your car insurance.