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    The pram, a must-have when you are expecting a little one. But which stroller is right for you? And what should a good stroller meet? The range of prams is now so large that it can be overwhelming. At Tiny Library you will find a wide range of premium strollers, from mono to duo and from Bugaboo to Joolz. Depending on how many children you have and what age they are in, you can choose a stroller. For example, a mono car is recommended if you have one child, but you can opt for a duo car if you have two children with a small age difference. Are you doubly lucky and expecting twins? Then we also have a number of beautiful twin cars for rent. Do you like walking in the woods? Then choose a stroller with robust wheels. Are you more a fan of the city? Then choose a car that is manoeuvrable. View our wide range in the collection above.

    How long do you use a stroller?

    A question that many parents-to-be have: how long do you use a stroller? And how long do you actually use the carrycot? When is it time to switch to the car seat or to a buggy? You use a pram with a carrycot for an average of 6 months. Then your baby has grown and your child wants to discover the world. Of course, certain factors such as the length of your child and how fast the child grows are important. After about 6 months you can switch to a pram with seat or a buggy.

    Rent a stroller at tiny library

    Despite the fact that the stroller is an important product of your layette, you only use it for a relatively short time. It is therefore a perfect product to rent. You can save a lot of money by renting a stroller. When renting a stroller, you can count on paying 30-50% of the new price of the product, depending on how long you rent the car. At Tiny Library we have a wide range of strollers in different price ranges, so you can make an informed decision. Apart from all the financial benefits, renting a stroller also saves time. You don't have to think about reselling or storing your stroller. Moreover, renting is a lot more sustainable than buying new.

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