Hi! I'm Julie and in 2020 I started Tiny Library. As a mother of 3 small children, I was very surprised at the amount of baby stuff I needed. I only used a lot of stuff for a short time and because we didn't live big I found that quite a hassle. In addition, not sustainable at all. I looked for solutions to not have to buy the stuff new and to be able to pass it on easily and actually noticed that there was no good solution for this. Thus Tiny Library was born.

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With us you can rent everything you need for your child aged 0 to 10 years. By renting, most items now last about 6-10 children. As a result, fewer baby products need to be produced and raw materials are depleted less quickly, we reduce CO² emissions through production and transport and we reduce water consumption.

By renting your baby and children's equipment, you contribute to a better future for the world and your child.


You can easily order online from us and determine when you want the items at home. Don't need it anymore? Then you can easily send it back or exchange it. This saves time, energy and of course storage space.


All products are checked and cleaned by a certified party. So you can trust that the products are clean and safe. This is a big advantage compared to buying on the marketplace.


Renting from Tiny Library is in most cases cheaper than purchasing (second-hand) products. This way you can save up to 70% of the new price and renting is often 10-30% cheaper than buying via marketplace.


Top service, great contact, clear explanations and most importantly a sustainable model with good products for a fair price. Tiny Library has a great
sustainable service set up.

Arieke B.

Great service! [...] So nice that I didn't buy the co-sleeper, but rented it, because you only need it for a relatively short time. Highly recommended to rent baby products at Tiny Library!

Marieke G.

What a fantastic company! Renting good quality baby equipment that you will only use for a few months - fantastic. The customer service is great: tailored advice via email, smooth shipping and returns. I am a super fan and recommend it to all my pregnant friends.

Linda B .

Extremely happy with Tiny Library! A very nice and sustainable option to rent things that you only use for a short time but really need. [...] Communication was nice and clear! Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Roosje B.

Nice to meet you! With our small but enthusiastic team, we work every day on our mission to make the baby market more sustainable and to unburden parents with our service. Together we have 9 children who form a critical test panel for our products from the Library. This way we can tell you exactly what works and what doesn't and always provide tailor-made advice. We are happy to assist you for help and advice. Do you have questions? Mail us at info@tinylibrary.nl.

Julie Munneke

Founder & CEO

Alexandra Declercq

Growth & Marketing Manager

Tiemen Roest

Product manager

Nicole Hillegers

operations manager

Noelle Somers

Customer Care & Operations

Jasmijn Tuit

Junior Marketer

Martijn Wagelaar

Marketing & Ecommerce

Marjolein Drenth

Marketing & Ecommerce

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We have sustainable partnerships with the best-known brands in the market. In addition, we think it is important that the parties we work with have the same mission to make the baby market more sustainable. With this we want to inspire and encourage manufacturers to design products that last longer.


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You rent your baby products easily:

1. Choose on our website which product or products you want to rent. We rent new and 'as good as new' products. Before the products are rented out again, they are professionally cleaned and checked for safety.

2. Choose when you want to receive your product. We deliver the products on the date specified by you. Your subscription only starts when we ship the products.

3. Choose how long you want to rent your product. The cost of your subscription depends on which product you choose and how long your minimum rental period is. The longer your minimum rental period is, the lower the monthly amount. You will find the monthly costs on our website with the relevant product.

4. Are you no longer using the product? Send it back to us easily and free of charge.

Renting from Tiny Library is in most cases cheaper than purchasing second-hand products. You can expect to save up to 70% of the new price of the product if you rent it, depending on how long you rent the product. This is often 10-30% cheaper than buying via marketplace. With us you can always choose between at least 3 options for the rental period and can therefore make a well-considered choice yourself. It also saves you a lot of hassle and time, something that is also worth a lot to you as a busy parent (to be). This way you have all the time for your baby.

You can order from us as soon as you know which products you need. At checkout you can indicate when you want to receive the products. Even if this is only in a few weeks or months. Very handy, you already arranged that!

Your subscription starts the moment you receive the products. Because you have already paid for the first month in the webshop, the monthly amount for the next month will be collected a month later via direct debit.

For products such as a co-sleeper and bassinet, we also recommend that you have these at home around week 37. Most deliveries are between 37 and 41 weeks and we know from experience that it gives peace of mind to have it delivered on time.

Do you have any more questions? Send us a message: klantenservice@tinylibrary.nl.