A fun afternoon away with your baby and toddler: what to do?

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What a miracle! Not long ago you gave birth to a sweet baby. Your little one naturally deserves all the care and attention it needs

But if there is already an older brother or sister, it takes some time to find a new rhythm together. Those moments of rest and walks that you used to experience with your eldest child are no longer there. Because while your baby is sleeping, being fed, or crying, there is also your eldest who wants attention. How do you divide your attention between the two for a fun afternoon?

You may have noticed already - your toddler is very active. Discovering and trying new things becomes very interesting. But your baby also needs rest and sleep. What now?

It may take some time to find an activity that calms your baby, stimulates your toddler's curiosity and also gives you the feeling that you are a super mom or super dad (but you already are!).

Does it sound too good to be true?
That's not it.

We help you.

Go on an adventure outside

Exploring and discovering is very important for your eldest child. Nature is a great place for that. Getting some fresh air with the family, isn't that nice? Your eldest leads the way, while you can also watch your baby. Or he or she takes a nice nap along the way.

What are you going to do outside then?

The Spriet season box has everything you need

Spriet understands that life is busy. They want more quality time and less hassle. So Spriet helps you experience more nature in an easy way.

The seasonal box is filled with four fully catered nature activities. Then you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is open the box and start.

With the help of this box, your toddler will experience the wonders of nature in a playful way. It's wonderful to see nature through your toddler's eyes.

There is a different box with activities eight times a year. So there is always something new to do.

What does such a box look like?

Now you're wondering: what does it mean? With the box, your toddler can work close to home with craft activities, search cards and their own plants. For example, in the spring your toddler will look for the dandelion and the toad. And you are going to make seed bombs yourself. This way you will soon have your own flower paradise . There are plenty of activities to do with your kids!

Don't have a garden or do you live in the city? No problem. You can do all activities with nature close to home. Also in the city. And even if you don't have a garden.

You can also do all activities with the nature you have in your home.

Would you like to know more about Spriet's seasonal boxes? View the offer and the latest box of the current season here .

Spriet box

Photography Paulien van Beusekom

A fun afternoon for everyone

While your eldest child is busy exploring, you can easily take the smallest one with you in a baby carrier . Baby carriers have a sturdy frame and a comfortable design, so that your body is not burdened. This way you can take your baby with you for a long time and you also have your hands free!

Another transportation option?

There are also buggies and prams to transport your children. This way you don't carry any extra weight. You just have to push forward. Don't forget the diapers either!

You can also bring some toys for a change. The eldest may already be able to explore with a nice scooter or balance bike !

Without the car? That is also possible!

Would you like to skip the car for a change? Then a cargo bike is a good option. This allows you to be sporty and your children can enjoy the view or continue the treasure hunt. Don't worry about your baby! There are also designs and accessories for the cargo bike, so that everyone is transported safely.

Would you like to know more about the products you can rent from Tiny Library? View the offer by age here .

So there are plenty of things to think about when you want to get away for an afternoon. And that doesn't have to be complicated. There is plenty to do and we are happy to support you!

Your eldest child likes to explore, so he or she leads the way through the activities from the seasonal boxes. In the meantime, your youngest is in good hands with a nice baby carrier, buggy or stroller.

And as an extra plus : everyone has a breath of fresh air!

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