Why more than 10,000 parents preceded you

Waarom meer dan 10.000 ouders je voor gingen

Parenting comes with many choices and challenges, but choosing the best baby gear doesn't have to be part of that. That is why we offer a simple and sustainable solution for purchasing the best baby products, without the stress of choice or the burden of making bad purchases. But why did other parents actually choose us? Let's take a look at some of the stories behind our valued customers:


With us you can enjoy ultimate convenience with tailor-made advice and only the best products that you really need. This way you don't buy anything you don't need and you only pay when you use the product.

As a VIP customer, Andrea enjoys the freedom and peace of mind that renting baby products from Tiny Library provides, along with excellent service from our dedicated team. “It has brought freedom and peace to our family, nice things that work well for mom, dad and the kids. Grow together! And don't forget fantastic service from team Tiny!” - Andrea

For Sanne, whose daughter was too small for the baby carrier they had purchased, renting an Artipoppe baby carrier from Tiny Library was a lifesaver. “We bought a baby carrier before our daughter was born, but it turned out that she was still much too small for it. She really needed to be with us so we decided to rent the Artipoppe baby carrier which was a huge solution! She really loves this baby carrier and it saved us the expensive purchase of the baby carrier! - Sanne

Family expansion

A new miracle in your family will of course be welcomed with open arms and we have all the products to make your life and that of your children as easy as possible.

Discover how Laura's life as a parent was made easier by renting a duo stroller. “Great invention. After our 3rd miracle, which was not actually planned, we were in for a surprise. Fortunately, there is Tiny Library, our little man can't walk very far yet, and our baby also had to be transported. Fortunately, we can rent a double stroller here pm. How GREAT is that!! Arranged super quickly. In short, very happy with you.” -Laura

When Nicole's son suddenly had to sleep in her room for medical reasons, the Chicco Next 2 Me Forever crib turned out to be the perfect solution for this unexpected situation. -Nicole

Everything in 1 place

Products for maternity, strollers, baby essentials, bicycles, buggy accessories, and much more. Whatever you need for your child, we have it all!

Martien also had a “fantastic experience with Tiny Library” and in her review she perfectly expresses what our goal is! “I really don't understand why this isn't recommended to every parent: leasing your baby inventory! From ordering to delivery and even the returns process is really very smooth. Everyone who works at TL works with a passion for the circular economy. Leasing makes you aware of the things you really need. Moreover, you cannot predict in advance whether your baby would like to be in a wrap/bag or prefer the stroller. The Tiny Library provides a solution here, because you can lease a product for short or longer periods. In addition, a baby grows very quickly, which means that the baby outgrows certain products. The Tiny Library also offers a solution during this phase. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a mother, is pregnant or has just given birth. The service should really become known nationally and internationally. It's a must! A relief for every parent.” - Martien

In short, we strive to relieve parents' worries and provide them with baby products that perfectly suit their unique needs and situations. Would you like to know more about how we can help you? Please feel free to contact us!

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