Invite friends

Invite your friends and family to Tiny Library and both receive a 50% discount on your next month's rent.
We think it's great that by renting your baby products you contribute to our mission to make the baby market more sustainable. We would like to reach as many parents as possible with our rental service and that is why we have a special friends discount. Tell a friend or family member about us and you will both receive a 50% discount!

Participate? Follow these steps:
♥️ Tell your friends or family about us
♥️ At checkout, use the code SPREADTHETINYLOVE and enter in the Comments field: "I was tipped by [your first and last name]"
♥️ You will both automatically receive a 50% discount on your next month's rent*
PS: Is your own enthusiasm not enough for other parents (to be) to convince them to rent from Tiny Library? Send this blog to them with 4 reasons to rent your baby products.

*Valid from 3 months rental.