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    High chair

    The high chair, an indispensable item when you are expecting a child. The chair has been a familiar sight in the living room of new parents for decades. As far as we are concerned, conviviality at the table cannot start early enough. Some highchairs can therefore be used from birth with a special newborn set. Your child is growing very fast, especially in the beginning, so a high chair is ideal. This way you don't have to buy a bigger chair, durable and practical! The best known high chair is perhaps the trip trap chair. This wooden, adjustable chair is well known to many people. At Tiny Library we rent out many different types of high chairs. See them all in the collection above.

    How long do you use a high chair?

    As mentioned, you can use a high chair from birth with a special newborn set . This set includes a seat that you can click on the high chair. After about 6 months your child is too big for this tub and you can switch from the newborn set to the baby set . This baby set consists of a seat that can also be clicked onto the high chair, so that your child sits safely and upright at the table. You can use the baby set from 6 to about 18 months, after that time you can remove the seat from the high chair and your child can sit on the chair independently. Would you like to learn more about the newborn and baby set? Then read our blog about the Tripp Trapp sets.

    Rent a high chair at tiny library

    As you have read, there are specific seats for different phases. Because you often only use these accessories and child seats for a relatively short time, renting is a cheap and sustainable alternative. With our wide range you will be covered for all needs. For example, we rent out highchairs from the well-known brands Stokke and Cybex. At Tiny Library you pay a low amount per month and you quickly save 50-70% of the new price by renting. Moreover, you are flexible in how long you rent the items and you do not have the hassle of returning, reselling or storing.