Car seats

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    Car seat

    A car seat is an important item when you own a car and are expecting a little one. To be able to transport your child in a safe way, a child seat is a true must-have . Car seats come in different groups. You can use a car seat from birth, these seats are usually used until your child is about 12 months old. These baby seats are rear-facing. When your child is a bit bigger, you can switch to a larger seat. The attachment of car seats is usually done through a standardized system called ISOFIX. At Tiny Library we rent car seats from Maxi-Cosi, BeSafe, Doona and Cybex in many different sizes. View the entire range above.

    How long do you use a car seat?

    You can use a car seat from birth. In that case, you use a car seat that is positioned against the direction of travel. You use this car seat until your child is about 12 months old or until the head protrudes above the edge. Then you switch to a child seat where your child usually sits in the direction of travel. You can use these seats from 12 months to 4 years. If your child has also grown out of such a seat, you can still opt for car seats that are suitable for 4 to 12 year olds. Would you like to learn more about car seats? Then read our blog .

    Rent a car seat at tiny library

    As you have read, you only use a child seat for a relatively short time. Moreover, you have to switch seats quickly as soon as your child has grown. Renting is therefore a cheap and sustainable alternative to buying. At Tiny Library you pay a low amount per month and you quickly save 50-70% of the new price by renting. Moreover, you are flexible in how long you rent the items and you do not have the hassle of reselling or storing.