Create a special place in your home for your baby. The playpen is typically used for 6 to 8 months and is suitable from 0 to 12 months. Choose a convenient foldable playpen or a playpen on wheels to easily move it to another location.


    A playpen is a safe and versatile space specially designed for babies to lie down and play in. These sturdy and mostly portable structures provide a protected environment for babies to move and explore freely while still being within arm's reach of parents. With soft upholstery and safe bars or walls, a playpen offers a comfortable and demarcated space in which babies can rest, play and develop their motor skills. Whether it's a moment of rest, playtime or a safe place to explore the world around them, a playpen provides a versatile and essential space for little ones to grow. At Tiny Library we rent boxes from Petite Amélie and Geuther, and we also rent out the necessary box accessories.

    How long do you use a box?

    How long you use a playpen depends on the development and needs of your child. In general, a playpen is used during the first months of life until about the time that the baby can sit or crawl independently. This can be between six and nine months on average, but as a parent it is especially important to follow the individual development of your child. As babies gain more mobility and independence, the playpen can be replaced with safer play areas where they can move and explore freely. It is essential to always follow safety guidelines and stop using the playpen once baby is able to climb out or put themselves in an unsafe position. Although the period of use is relatively short, a playpen provides a valuable and safe environment for babies to rest and play during the first crucial months of their lives.

    Rent a box at tiny library

    A box is typically a product that you don't use for very long. This makes it an ideal product to rent. Renting can save you a lot of money and ensures that you don't have the hassle of reselling or storing at home. In addition to the financial benefits, renting is also a lot more sustainable. As soon as you no longer use the box, we can make other parents happy with it.