Find out more about renting toys.

    Toys have been around for a long time and are indispensable in a household with children. Climbing frames, building blocks, bicycles, stacking stones, tents or bath toys, you can imagine it, or we rent it out. In addition to the fact that toys are fun for children, it is also nice for you as a parent to be able to do other things when playing. In addition, children unconsciously develop fine motor skills and senses through play. At Tiny Library we rent out toys for many different ages, so there is always something for your child. View our entire collection in the category page above.

    Product Range

    As mentioned, toys come in many shapes and sizes. At Tiny Library we have a wide range, from building blocks to bicycles and from bath toys to climbing frames. We have these products from well-known brands: Stapelstein, Connetix, Modu, Way2Play, Ette Tete, Jindl and many more.

    Rent toys at tiny library

    Toys are typically such a product that you use for a relatively short time. Maybe your children get bored of it quickly or you don't have a place to store toys for a long time in the house. Renting is then a cheap and sustainable alternative to buying. At Tiny Library you pay a low amount per month and you quickly save 50-70% of the new price by renting. Moreover, you are flexible in how long you rent the items and you do not have the hassle of reselling or storing.