cargo bikes

An electric cargo bike is ideal to rent, because it quickly costs thousands of euros to purchase. That is why you can rent a wide range of cargo bikes from us.

Electric cargo bikes can be rented in various places, but often for either a day or a long period of about three years. Are you looking for something in between? Do you want to temporarily rent a cargo bike? We get that. That is why you can rent an electric cargo bike from us for a period of 6 months to one or two years. View all options below.

    Cargo bike

    The cargo bike is ideal if you live in a city, have young children and want to contribute to a better environment. Anyone who lives in a city knows that having a car is not always convenient. Instead, having an electric cargo bike is a practical and sustainable alternative. This way you get to your destination quickly, you can easily take children and groceries with you and you don't emit any CO2. At Tiny Library we rent cargo bikes from leading brands in the cycling world. For example, we rent cargo bikes from Dolly, Urban Arrow, Cube, Lovens and CaGo. All these bikes are special in their own way.

    How long do you use a cargo bike?

    You can of course use a cargo bike for a longer period of time, although you usually use the cargo bike when your children are not yet able to cycle themselves or cannot cycle that far. Cargo bikes are suitable for children between 1 and 8 years old.

    Rent a cargo bike at tiny library

    Since you may want to have a cargo bike for the period when your children are not yet able to cycle (far) themselves, but you think it would be a shame to buy one for such a short period of time, renting is a perfect alternative. Renting is a lot cheaper then. At Tiny Library we have a wide range of cargo bikes in different price ranges, so you can make an informed decision. Apart from all the financial benefits, renting a stroller also saves time. You don't have to think about reselling or storing your cargo bike after you no longer use it. Moreover, renting is a lot more sustainable than buying new.