Sustainable alternative: rent your baby equipment

Duurzaam alternatief: huur je babyspullen - Tiny Library

A win-win situation as modern parents like to see it: a more sustainable choice that also provides extra convenience in your busy life with young kids. That is what Tiny Library stands for, according to Nicole Hillegers, operational manager and customer from the very beginning. “Tiny Library is a platform where you rent high-quality baby equipment for a certain period. We keep high-quality baby gear in circulation for a long time, which contributes to a sustainable world. With our service we want to unburden parents in those so-called tropical years; no hassle with Marktplaats or large items at home, you simply return the product when you no longer need it and we do the rest.”

Nicole Hillegers first became acquainted with this concept a year and a half ago as a customer. She has three children of her own. She became so enthusiastic about the sustainable concept that she is now working at Tiny Library.

Rent instead of buy
“I started with a cosleeper and a newborn set for the high chair,” says Nicole. “The kind of tub that you click on the high chair so that the baby can join us at the table when we eat. Tiny Library focuses on products for children from 0 to 4 years old. “This is the age where growth is fastest. We are constantly expanding the range, and recently we also offer children's bicycles.”

Conscious handling of things
More and more parents are becoming aware of a sustainable world. “With the Tiny Library service, you are off to a great start. If we ourselves consciously handle things, we will also pass this on to our children. We live in a world where everything goes very fast and it is a shame to buy a product for a short period of time. It doesn't all have to be fast and cheap. We work with high-quality brands, such as Bugaboo, Joolz, Easywalker, Stokke and many more. All producers who offer quality that people can use for a long time.” This ensures that the baby items can remain in circulation for a long time.

Safety and hygiene first
“Get things a little earlier, for example two to three weeks before the due date. This ensures peace in those last weeks so that you can fully focus on the arrival of your child.” On the website you can choose which rental period you want to enter into, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. Do you no longer need the product? Then you report the return n. The product then returns to the warehouse where it is fully checked and professionally cleaned. “We make sure that the baby equipment goes to the next users as good as new.”
You can rent baby equipment from € 9.50 per month. For more information, visit .

Tiny Library is the platform in the Netherlands where you can rent all your baby gear for the first years of your child. Think of a pram, co-sleeper, bouncer or playpen. You rent your baby products easily, with the guarantee that all products are clean, intact and safe.
Don't use the baby stuff anymore? Return them for free. This way Tiny Library can make other parents happy with it.

Why rent baby products from Tiny Library?
1. Reliable service – The products are professionally cleaned and checked.
2. Top brands for a low monthly fee – Save up to 70% on the new price of the product.
3. A better world for your baby – By renting you contribute to a more sustainable future.

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