Baby carrier benefits

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A baby carrier is the ideal means of carrying your baby close to you and at the same time having your hands free to do other things or just go for a nice walk. Are you still in doubt whether a baby carrier is something for you and are you wondering what exactly the benefits are? We have selected all baby carrier benefits for you. 

Why a baby carrier?

A baby carrier or sling gives your baby the same feeling as he or she experienced in the womb. In a baby carrier your baby recognizes your heartbeat, your baby enjoys your warmth, smell and voice. In addition, a baby carrier provides much more contact between you and your baby than, for example, a pram. Not only does this encourage bonding between you and your baby, your baby also feels safe with you on your chest or back. In a baby carrier, your baby not only gets used to you, but also to the environment. For example, if there is a loud noise and your baby notices that you are not responding to it, your baby will learn that loud noises are not always a danger.

Baby carrier benefits at a glance

Not completely convinced of a baby carrier yet? Below are the seven biggest baby carrier benefits in a row:

  • Development - Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or sling contributes to the development of your baby. Your baby's brain, vestibular system, back and hips develop well due to the ergonomic position in which your baby is in the baby carrier. 
  • Speech development - The baby carrier contributes to your baby's speech development. Especially when the baby is facing you, he or she learns from your sounds in combination with facial expressions.
  • Reduces reflux and/or colic - Your baby sits upright in a baby carrier. This is the ideal position for reflux. And by carrying your baby close to your stomach with his or her tummy, the warmth from you ensures that colic is reduced. 
  • cry less - Babies who are carried in the carrier for a while during the day often cry significantly less than babies who are not carried. 
  • hands free - When your baby is in the baby carrier, you have your hands free to do things. 
  • Often more convenient than a pram - Some places are difficult to access for prams and buggies, such as a park or forest. With a baby carrier you don't have to worry about this. 
  • Good for your body - After the delivery you will notice that your body no longer functions as it did before the pregnancy. Carrying in a sling helps to make your body stronger again. It can even help improve back and pelvic pain. Always consult a doctor for this. 

frog pose

You may have heard of it, but the term ergonomics often comes up when it comes to baby carriers. Ergonomic means that your baby is carried in the right way. The best pose for your baby is the frog pose. This means that the legs are spread, the back is rounded, the knees are higher than the bottom and that your baby is in a vertical position. A baby carrier is therefore ergonomic if your baby is in the frog position. It should support your baby well from knee to knee and the back should be rounded. 

From what age can you use a baby carrier?

You can actually use a baby carrier or sling immediately after birth. Always use a newborn insert immediately after birth. The legs are simply too short for the first 4 months, and the hip spread is limited. A newborn insert ensures that your baby is well supported from knee to knee. As soon as your baby is supported from knee to knee without the newborn insert, you know you no longer need it. But when is your baby actually too old for a baby carrier? It depends. Some babies are tired of the baby carrier after a few months, and some children are still in a baby carrier until their third year of life. You have special toddler carriers for this. These are a lot bigger than a normal baby carrier and you can use them until your baby is about 3.5 years old. 

baby carriers

We rent out the finest baby carriers. Namely those of Artipoppe and those of the ByKay brand. The great thing about these brands is that they think sustainability is important, just like we do.

  1. Artipoppe is a brand that stands for women and nature. Artipoppe's vision is that women feel strong, safe and confident. They use materials that are sustainable and they even offer vegan options.
  2. ByKay stands for professionalism and quality. They use materials that are sustainable and contribute to a better environment. The company is constantly expanding and consists exclusively of professionals who take care of delivering quality and coming up with new creative ideas.