Baby on the way: but what do you really need?

Baby op komst: maar wat heb je nou écht nodig?

Congratulations, you are having a little one. A special, exciting time and also quite overwhelming . If it's your first child, you're probably looking for some handles. Because what do you actually need for your baby? We go through some moments with you and the products that are useful for that. This can help you make better choices and ensures that your house will not be full of unnecessary items that you will not use anyway. By choosing what you really need, you are much more aware and therefore more sustainable. Read on and how we help you remove the noise so that you can focus as much as possible on this special time.

En route

The most indispensable thing is a good car seat , if you have a hospital birth, you should take it with you right away so that your child can go home safely. It is especially important that you have a car seat that is suitable for the height, weight and age of your child. The way of mounting in your car is mainly a personal preference. But not only in the car, even if you want to walk, you will be faced with different choices. A pram is useful for longer distances and makes it easy to take baby equipment, but also groceries. A baby carrier is nice because you then carry your baby against you and especially useful for babies who have trouble sleeping and if you go for shorter distances.

Baby on the way: but what do you really need?

To sleep

It is important that you have a safe, warm place for your little one to sleep. Especially in the first period, your baby sleeps a lot. Then you can opt for a co-sleeper . A co-sleeper is a crib that sits by your bed and makes it easy to feed and comfort at night. A co-sleeper is not the best for everyone, you can also opt for a crib that you can easily move. For example, for the first period in your own bedroom and after a while in the nursery.

Handy at home

The size of your house plays an important role when choosing the following useful products. A changing table or changing table is practical. A fixed place where you change the diaper in the house where you also keep the diapers, wipes and clean clothes. But don't have that much space? Then make sure you have a changing mat that you put on your bed and sofa while changing. And thank us later.

A box is quite large and can take up a lot of space. It is a place where the baby can sleep (but certainly does not have to), play and is always safe. You don't have to have this right away, you can also wait a few months. A bouncer or baby seat for the high chair are things that take up less space and are also handy. You can easily move it, your child can sit at the table and it gives peace of mind because your child is safe and secure.

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