Baby 1 month: Congratulations mom! We are here for you

Baby 1 maand: Gefeliciteerd mama! Wij zijn er voor je

Month 1: Congratulations Mom! We are here for you

Dear new mom,

Oh that first month, I remember it like a rollercoaster with all three kids. Time goes fast, but also slow. You fly from one emotion to another, dirty diapers, milk and naps are the most important things in your life and so on. We hope you are well and your baby is doing well. She or he tries to get used to the world around them and you try to get used to this new life with less sleep, little time for yourself and the enormous sense of responsibility that can overtake you. So remember: You got this .


founder & CEO Tiny Library

We are here for you during this intense period. Do you have everything you need, do you want to exchange a product, try it, or do you have a question about a product? Let us know. Our team has 8 children in total, so we've been there and we're happy to help. Send us a message via Whatsapp on 085-0604416 or send an email to .

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