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Kinderwagen huren bij Tiny Library

We have different strollers (Easywalker, Bugaboo, Joolz and Babyzen) for every stage of your baby. Wondering why renting is smarter than buying? We tell you that in this blog: rent a stroller at Tiny Library.

Unique match

Nowadays there is a wide range of prams in all shapes, sizes and colors. It is difficult to find the right strollers that suit you. The strollers that we offer all differ from each other and each stroller has its own unique feature that suits you, so there is always a match.

Why rent a stroller?

The advantages of renting a stroller at a glance:

  • No investment in a pram, but pay a fixed amount per month
  • Easily switch from a carrycot to a seat and then to a buggy (or two-wheeler!)
  • No worries about saving or reselling
  • Don't worry about repair; if a part breaks, we will make sure it is repaired.
  • The newest and most luxurious stroller from Easywalker

Which variants do we offer?

Tiny Library offers various strollers from the Bugaboo and Easywalker brands. We highlight two of them below:

Easywalker Harvey Premium

Easywalker Harvey Premium is designed for parents who appreciate ease of use and value quality. The high-quality fabrics and the leather-look details ensure that the pram has a luxurious look. The Easywalker is equipped with a large closed basket, where you can safely store all your belongings. It can be operated with one hand and is adjustable in height. Harvey Premium can be used in various ways and is suitable from birth. In addition, it is possible to convert the Easywalker Harvey into a duo stroller if you have a second child.

Benefits Easywalker Harvey Premium:

  • Suitable for children from 0 months
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Qualitative fabrics and leather-look details
  • Large, closed shopping basket
  • Padded 5-point harness
  • Height-adjustable push bar and footrest
  • Spacious seat with four adjustable positions
  • Can be folded compactly, with and without seat
  • Can be converted to a duo car
  • Height adjustable carrycot and seat
  • The wheels are equipped with a reflective stripe so that you are clearly visible.
  • Lightweight (10.8kg) and easy to use
  • Complies with European safety standard EN 1888

Bugaboo Fox

The Bugaboo Fox is an extensively developed stroller that has been improved for 20 years. Due to the use of light materials, the large wheels and the advanced suspension, this stroller is suitable for any type of surface. This way your baby can sleep well during a walk without being disturbed by annoying bumps in the road. In addition, the stroller is easy to drive and there are many different accessories available to upgrade the stroller, such as an organizer or a cup holder.


  • Smooth pushing and effortless steering on any surface
  • Thanks to the advanced suspension, the stroller is suitable for any type of surface
  • Super light materials have been used for the design so that your baby can fully enjoy the walk
  • Thanks to the larger wheels, your baby is less bothered by the bumps, which makes sleeping a lot better
  • The design has been improved for 20 years, so that the stroller has many useful features and is very suitable for long walks
  • All covers can be washed at 30 °C in the washing machine.

Rent a stroller

You actually only use a pram for a short period of time! Renting is the solution to save on costs and storage and to always have the right stroller for the right stage of your child. You can easily switch from carrycot to seat and buggy!

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