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We recently went live on Instagram together with midwife Djanifa da Conceicao, aka the midwife , to answer your questions about the use of pumping. Because when do you actually start pumping? And how do you determine which breast pump suits you? Below are the most frequently asked questions, answers and most important tips about pumping.

When do you start pumping?

It is your own choice if and when you want to start pumping. It can be useful to express milk together with your maternity assistant during your maternity period. She/he can help you unpack, sterilize and try out the pump.

In addition, there are also mothers who start pumping before giving birth. This so-called prenatal pumping is best done with a manual pump and has the advantage that breastfeeding may start more quickly after delivery. Prenatal pumping is absolutely not a must and is mainly recommended in case of previous complications with breastfeeding.

Does pumping hurt?

Pumping can hurt. However, this is often an indication that something is not going or has not gone quite right. Causes that cause pain during pumping may be that the size of the breast shield of your pump is incorrect or that cracks have developed for other reasons. If pumping hurts, you can contact a lactation consultant to help you.

How do you choose which breast pump suits you?

Which pump suits you depends on the reason why you want to pump. For example, do you want to get production going or are you going to pump so that you can go away more often and for a little longer? Do you plan to pump regularly or occasionally? Do you mainly pump at home or also on the road? A different type of breast pump is suitable for every situation.

What can you do if pumping is not working properly?

In this case, there are a number of things you can investigate. For example, are you able to get enough rest before pumping? Your mental situation influences milk production during pumping. You can also check whether the size of the breast shield is appropriate. If it is too big or too small it can cause problems. Are you stuck? Then you can contact a lactation consultant.

Lola Lykke breast pump

Can you reuse your pump for the next baby?

Yes, you can reuse your pump. It is important to check that the various parts, especially the rubber parts of the pump set, are not worn. If your production decreases during pumping, this is a good indication that parts may need to be replaced.

Does pumping save time?

Unfortunately, if you start pumping, you will not spend less time breastfeeding. It is recommended to schedule the pumping sessions at the times when you would normally feed or after, for example, the morning feeding.

Rent a breast pump at Tiny Library

You can rent different flasks at Tiny Library. The advantage of renting a pump is that it makes it easier to test whether a pump suits you. In addition, pumps are often expensive to purchase and it can be cheaper to rent them for a shorter period. You can rent the following two flasks from us:

1. Lola and Lykke electric breast pump

A nice compact cordless breast pump. This pump is quiet and easy to carry. You can express the milk directly into storage bags.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Easy to operate via the touchscreen
  • Wireless and silent

  • Good medically certified suction power (a lot stronger than the Elvie or Medela Swing)

  • Possibility to pump directly into the bag

Lola Lykke breast pump

2. Medela symphony pump

This pump is used in hospitals and by lactation consultants to initiate breastfeeding. But can also be used at home.

  • Helps you initiate, build and maintain sufficient milk production.
  • Relieves symptoms of engorgement and helps heal mastitis
  • Raises flat or inverted nipples
  • Easy to use
  • Some insurers offer reimbursement for the use of this pump
  • Not wireless

Medela Symphony pump

Are you still unsure which breast pump suits you best? Please contact us , we are happy to think along with you.

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