Want to rent products? Your baby set is always professionally cleaned first

Producten huren? Jouw babyuitzet wordt altijd eerst professioneel gereinigd

Fortunately, the dusty nature of reusing and renting stuff is a thing of the past. Tiny Library believes in a circular future and strives for a better world for you and your baby. One of the most common misconceptions about renting gear is that it isn't hygienic. In this blog, founder Julie answers the frequently asked questions when it comes to cleaning all baby products.

How do you clean the baby products before they go to the next family?

“The cleaning is done by a professional dry cleaner. All fabrics are washed or steamed and all other material is thoroughly wiped with a cloth and disinfected. All our products are thoroughly cleaned and leave for the next family as good as new.”


Do I have to clean the rented baby products before returning them?

"No that is not necessary. We like it if you return it neatly, so for example remove milk residues or food residues. You can actually compare it a bit with a hotel room or apartment that you leave behind when you have rented it, they call it broom clean.”

What type of cleaning agents do you use to clean the baby products? Natural, chemical or a combination of both?

“We use natural and sustainable products as much as possible. Here too we want to limit the negative impact on the environment as much as possible. We use disinfectant, which is not completely natural, but consists for the most part of alcohol.”

As a user, how can I best clean the various baby products in the meantime?

“It's nice if you treat it neatly and put a cloth over it when it's dirty, so that food and milk residues can't stick. We recommend not to put the products in the washing machine, because this causes the fabrics to wear out faster and there is a chance that it will not be washed on the correct program.”

Isn't cleaning the baby products at least as bad for the environment as buying a new product?

"No definitely not. Babette Porcelijn indicates in her book 'The hidden impact' that 92% of the impact comes from production and the extraction of raw materials. The impact of cleaning and extra transport within the Netherlands therefore only has a relatively small impact compared to the impact of producing the product. That is why we extend the life of the products.”

Besides the smaller impact on the environment, what are additional advantages of renting baby products compared to buying?

“It will be delivered to your home and collected again when you no longer need it. No hassle with buying or selling via Marktplaats, the product has been thoroughly cleaned and fully checked. The quality of new combined with the flexibility of Marktplaats.”

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