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Do you want to introduce your child to peanuts in a safe way? With the nutritional supplements of Vini Mini you can reduce the risk of a peanut allergy in your child . We can imagine that this raises questions. Hence the most frequently asked questions in a row. Jozien, co-founder of Vini Mini and mother of two minis herself, has all the answers.

What exactly is a food allergy?

With a food allergy, your immune system reacts to the proteins in certain foods. We call those proteins allergens. The most common food allergies in children in the Netherlands are to milk, egg, peanut, nuts, soy, fish and wheat.

Is eczema the biggest risk factor for getting a food allergy?

Many people think that eczema is a reaction to a food allergy, but this is the other way around. Scientific studies show that babies can become allergic through the skin. If your baby has eczema, the allergens (such as a peanut) can enter through the broken skin. Your baby's immune system does not understand what this is and immediately starts producing antibodies. If you then give the peanut via the correct route (namely via the gastrointestinal tract), your baby can have an allergic reaction.

That's why giving your baby allergens early and often is so important. Most babies get eczema around 4 months. If you then simultaneously give allergens through the food, your baby's body understands that the allergen (such as peanut and egg) is "good".

When do you start giving peanuts to your Mini?

For babies with eczema, it is important that you start giving peanuts and eggs before the age of 6 months. And for all other babies, the advice of the Nutrition Center and the consultation office is to start giving peanuts and eggs before the age of 8 months. After that, it is important that you continue to give peanut and egg weekly for 6 months, to reduce the risk of a peanut and egg allergy by 80%.

How do Vini Mini products work?

In 3 or 6 steps, depending on your baby's allergy sensitivity, the amount of peanut is gradually built up with ' my first peanut in 3 or 6 steps '. The powder from sachets or capsules is easy to mix with your baby's first snacks. After that, it is important to continue giving peanuts weekly for a period of 6 months. The 'my first peanut follow-up kit' can be used for this. Wondering which product suits you best? Then do the test on the Vini Mini website.

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What is the difference between Vini Mini products and other peanut products?

The main differences between Vini Mini products and other peanut products are:

  • Healthy: contains no added salt or sugar
  • Easy: high in protein, so you have to give less than, for example, peanut butter
  • Reliable: free of traces of other allergens and measured amount based on scientific research.

Pssst... do you want to try out the Vini Mini products and reduce the risk of an allergy in your baby? Then order here .

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