Talita Kalloe on motherhood in 2022

Talita Kalloe over het moederschap anno 2022

Talita Kalloe mother of Malía (3) and Ava (1) and runs online platform Soul Storesabout conscious shopping and a sustainable lifestyle. Her view on motherhood inspires us immensely, so we are happy that we can share her story with you. 

Can you describe what it means to you to be a mother?

“I see it as my duty as a mother to care for our children the guide in life. Especially in the turbulent times in which we live. Malía was born just before the pandemic, Ava in the middle of the pandemic. As a mother I have also personally gone through a transformation in which I have made a big leap in my personal development and gained insight into what I have to give. A collective problem such as the pandemic made me realize that today's world, with all the pressing issues that already exist, is under permanent pressure. I now see more clearly than ever how important it is that you raise your children consciously. And that we teach them to stand firm enough to be able to bear the changes in the world in the future. Where I used to do everything for a better world, I now do this for a better world for my children.”

What was it like when you were pregnant with Malía?

“I have had some inconveniences after a very good pregnancy. I also noticed during pregnancy that I became much more chilled out. I didn't worry so much anymore, got a kind of bullshit filter and was able to prioritize very easily. I found that very refreshing. I don't think I've ever felt more feminine and beautiful than during my pregnancies."

How did your first daughter Malía feel once she was there?

“Tim and I looked at each other on the third maternity day and said to each other 'shit just got real'. We can't screw around anymore. From now on we are responsible for a human life and everything we do counts. Every choice we make. That felt overwhelming and the infamous baby shower tears came for both of us that day. I had not expected to experience that deeper emotional layer beforehand. I now consider it a privilege that I was allowed to feel this.

I underestimated the postpartum period. I wasn't taking good enough care of myself and my mind was blurry. The urge to make conscious, sustainable choices only became stronger with the arrival of our daughter. But I also got into a dilemma. For example, I really wanted to use cloth nappies but couldn't afford the extra effort at that stage. I felt a sense of guilt towards the world. 

This comes from a sense of responsibility that runs deep within me. I've always had that. As an influencer you feel that you have to lead by example. But I also know intrinsically that the most sustainable choice is one that is feasible - also for the long term. In the end, we started using the washable diapers part-time along with sustainable disposable diapers. It was a good example for me that there is also a middle path, and that every effort in the right direction is one. It remains a quest for balance.”

What do you want to pass on to other women who are making the transition to motherhood?

I would like to invite every mother who feels that she is coming something to look at herself in depth - including the dark sides. This may sound crazy in a period when so much is already coming at you, but it is precisely in the great transformation to motherhood that those sides can reveal themselves. The best thing you can give yourself is to work with those sides in yourself. Whether you start with a simple yoga and meditation routine or in a complete shadow trajectory. By looking at yourself and healing what is blocking you in parenting you can mean something much greater. Not only for yourself, but also for your children.

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