A sustainable future for our children according to Talita Kalloe

Een duurzame toekomst voor onze kinderen volgens Talita Kalloe

What are the most important lessons you teach your children? And what does their future actually look like? Talita Kalloe, mother of Malía (3) and Ava (1) and founder of online platform Soul Storesshares her inspiring view on sustainable motherhood with us. 

How does it feel for you to be a mother in this world?

“As something very beautiful. I have never had any doubts about having children. Not from a sustainability point of view and not from a social point of view. I do understand the critical points from that vision, but I don't see bringing children into the world as a burden, but as a supplement. That is precisely why I believe that we should take our role as parents seriously. We educate our children so that they can make a positive impact on the issues that arise. I see an important role for us there. Without putting pressure on our children or a great responsibility, but to give them norms and values that make them feel intrinsically that the world is a place that you treat with respect.”

What are the 3 most important things you want to pass on to your children? 

  • Treat all living things with love and respect. Plants, animals and your fellow man. For example, we teach our children that you should not pull on plants, but that you can pet them. It sounds very silly, but by teaching them from an early age to treat what is there with respect, I want to show them that we can't just appropriate everything. That the world is a place for all of us with resources we can share.  
  • Gratitude for what you have. Before dinner we often say a kind of prayer. Not religious, but along the lines of: thank you for the delicious food, for the origin of the ingredients and the love with which it is made. I notice that Malía also reminds us when we forget. It is very special to see that she also finds her own way in it. Ava now also says "taaaaank" (thanks) as standard when eating. 
  • Acting from love and being able to see love. For example, I see hearts everywhere. Malía also calls me now when she sees a heart. It's about being present in a moment. About being kind to others, but also to yourself. I teach her that love is something you can feel in your heart and in your belly. And that it is the basis for how you treat each other.

  • What does the future look like for the next generation, your children?

    It's hard for me to say anything about this because I struggle with it myself. Because what does a good world look like? What is good'? I am thinking of a lot of greenery, that we are surrounded by nature and that not everything is concrete. That we are more connected with each other and nature. I also hope that in the future we can treat each other with respect and love. Generation Z is already intrinsically motivated making more sustainable choices. I hope sustainability will become the norm when you look at the way children are raised now. Although I fear that this is mainly in my own bubble, and that there is still a lot of work to be done on a large scale.

    What do you want people to know about sustainability?

    I see sustainability as a holistic concept. It can mean something different for each person. Feel the freedom and space to discover what it means to you. In this way, when you get to a point where you know what sustainability is for you, you can look for sustainable alternatives in that area. Then the rest of the elements in your life will grow with you. For me, for example, it started with clothing, then cosmetics and food. For someone else, it might start somewhere else entirely. And one day we will come to the same point, and then - hopefully - sustainability will be the norm.

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