Organizing the nursery: Marie Kondo style

Babykamer ordenen

Hooray (again) a little one on the way! This means that the anticipation can begin. One of the nicest to-do's on the list is still decorating the nursery. Hours of inspiration on Pinterest, and then purchase all the beautiful things and style them in real life . Of course, the design of the nursery is important, but you also want it to remain practical and well-arranged. How do you best approach this? In this guide we provide a number of useful tips.

Give everything a permanent place
The two most commonly used pieces of furniture in the baby's room are the crib and changing table. The latter in particular is essential when storing baby items. You can store all the things you need for changing and dressing your baby in the changing table, such as rompers, muslin cloths, nappies and baby wipes. But also think of items such as a thermometer, pacifiers, suppositories and baby creams. If you choose not to use a wardrobe, you can choose to store the clothes in the chest of drawers.

You can learn to categorize
Marie Kondo swears by it: categorize. Use bins and baskets to organize things. Place a basket with diapers and baby wipes on top of the changing table, so that they are always within reach. In the top drawer you put trays with rompers: one for long-sleeved rompers, one for short-sleeved rompers and one for the hydrophilic cloths. Reserve an extra tray in the top drawer for medicines, creams and ointments.

What do you do with the other drawers of the chest of drawers? Consider, for example, the storage of clothes, here too it is useful to work with different trays to easily keep everything apart. Items that you need less often, such as extra sleeping bags, blankets, bath capes and towels, can also be stored in the changing table. Tip: keep the things you use least at the bottom of the dresser. Do you come across things that you no longer use while cleaning up? Then pass it on to someone else. In this way we extend the lifespan of products and reduce the mountain of waste.

The well-known rolling technique
Are you already familiar with the Marie Kondo rolling technique? According to this technique, you roll up the baby clothes vertically instead of folding them horizontally. Then store the clothes standing up in the drawer or in a storage box. This can be a bit awkward at first, but this technique not only gives you more overview and space in the closet, you also see at a glance where that one nice sweater or pair of pants is. Curious about how you work? View here the role technique of Marie Kondo.

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