5x fun outings with young children

5x leuke uitjes met jonge kinderen

Young children are easily satisfied with a playground nearby, but at some point you need some variation. In this guide you will find fun outings that you can take with young kids. Varying from adventurous outdoor activities to playing tips in bad weather. Get inspired! 

Visit to the (children's) farm 

Perhaps a bit obvious, but always nice to visit the local petting zoo. Petting animals, feeding them and with a bit of luck there is also a playground and a terrace. You can easily enjoy hours of fun here with your toddler or preschooler. Also nice: on many farms children can get a tour about life on the farm. 

Discover a new museum 

Visiting a museum with children may not sound like the most ideal outing at first, but there are museums that are completely designed for the little ones! A few examples of great museums for children: the Miffy Museum in Utrecht, the Children's Book Museum in The Hague, Villa Zebra in Rotterdam and Naturalis in Leiden. 

On an adventure on the gnome path 

Spending a day in the fresh air? You will find dozens of gnome paths throughout the Netherlands. These trails are specially made for walks with young children and vary in length between 500 and 1500 meters. The gnome paths can be recognized by the gnome posts along the route. Tip: make the walk extra fun and buy a gnome bag in advance. In the bag you will find a story to tell along the way, a gnome hat and sometimes even some face paint. 

Toddler amusement park 

If you and your kid(s) are looking for a little more action, a trip to the amusement park is a great choice. Surprisingly, there are quite a few amusement parks that are suitable for the little ones. Some of our personal favorites? Old Play Park Valkeveen in Naarden, Fairytale Wonderland in Enkhuizen and Juliana Park in Apeldoorn. And a round of Google will yield the best amusement parks in your area in no time. 

Visit a picking garden or greenhouse 

Show your little one how to grow peppers or tomatoes? Visit a picking garden or greenhouse and let your little one pick fresh fruit or vegetables. During the Kom in de Kas days you can take a look at greenhouses throughout the Netherlands. Fun and educational! Take a look at Komindekas.nl For more information.

Image via Unsplash