5x must-haves from Meyco Baby

5x musthaves van Meyco Baby

At Tiny Library you can of course rent all the must-haves for your baby, such as a co-sleeper, crib or playpen. But did you know that in our library you will also find beautiful accessories from Meyco Baby such as sheets, blankets and a playpen mat?

Meyco offers beautiful, high-quality and complete collections for sleeping and caring for babies. Everything is of high quality so it will last a long time. That is why you can also rent Meyco Baby bedding. Would you rather buy? That is also possible! With the great sleeping packages from Meyco Baby you are done in one go and you also save about 15% on costs.


A co-sleeper is a great way to have your baby close to you during the first few months while he or she lies safely in his or her own bed. With the Meyco Baby sheet package , your little one can enjoy wonderful sleeping comfort. Complete the look with a Meyco Baby crib blanket .

Once your baby has outgrown the co-sleeper, it's time to switch to a crib . And of course that includes a different size of sheets and blankets. Therefore, order the Meyco Baby sleeping package and you will be provided with everything in one go. You get the sheets and moltons in duplicate, so you always have something clean ready in case of accidents.

With a playpen, your baby has his or her own safe play area at home. Your child will be nice and comfortable with the cotton playpen mat from Meyco Baby.

A foldable wall chest of drawers is ideal if you have a small home. The Meyco Baby care package contains everything you need to care for your child, such as hydrophilic cloths and covers for the changing mat.

Are you also a fan? View our full range of Meyco Baby products via this link .

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