Why is renting sustainable?

Of course you want the best for your baby and that includes a healthy world. By renting your layette instead of buying it, you are working with us on a circular baby market. By applying the principles of the circular economy, we reduce our ecological footprint. That means saving CO2, raw materials and water. We explain exactly how this works below.

1. Renting a stroller saves 321 kg CO2

A pram should of course not be missing in your baby set. Very nice to buy new, but it costs a lot of CO2, water and raw materials to produce a stroller. Therefore, opt for renting instead of buying. By renting a pram you save 321 kg of CO2 [1]. For example, this is equivalent to a car ride from Amsterdam to Budapest [2]. You only own the pram during the period that you actually use it. Then the stroller moves on to the next baby. In this way, different families can use the same stroller. Suppose a pram is used by 4 families in this way, then we save 962 kg of CO2

2. Reusing packaging material saves raw materials

We will send the stroller in the original packaging material. This allows us to reuse all packaging material to save raw materials. Raw materials, including paper, are becoming exhausted and in most cases we can easily reuse packaging material so that we can extend its life. That is why we ask you to keep the box in which you receive the pushchair (for example under your bed or behind a cupboard). Once your baby outgrows the stroller, return the stroller in the same box. Also, the forms we include are always made from recycled paper.

3. Reusing products saves at least 90% water

When we get the pushchair back we will clean it thoroughly and repair or replace any damaged parts. This way we can guarantee that the product is safe and clean. In this way, the next family can use the pram again without having to produce a new pram. In addition to CO2, we also save at least 90% water with this.

Our Goals

We believe that we can only move forward if we use raw materials more efficiently and reduce our ecological footprint. We are proud of our model, but we also see opportunities for development. That is why we have set the following goals for ourselves:

  • Saving 900,000 kg of product in 5 years and 15,750,000 kg of CO2eq.
  • Extending the life of products, so that we use raw materials more efficiently. For example, a pram is used very intensively and can usually only be passed on once (for example to family or via a marketplace). Because we thoroughly clean our prams and repair broken parts, we can extend the life of a pram with at least 1 more family. As soon as a product can no longer be repaired, the product is recycled.
  • A completely circular supply chain. We think it is important that everything we take from the earth also gives back. Purely focusing on our rental concept is therefore not enough. For example, we also want to take a critical look at the delivery of our products and make it completely climate neutral.

Duurzaam model

Will you join us?

Ultimately, we think it is especially important that we create as much attention as possible for our circular concept. By sharing our story, we want to let others see the benefits of renting and convince others that new is not always better. Only if we do this together can we ultimately make a difference. Do you have ideas on how we can make our model even more efficient and greener? Please let us know by sending a message because we are very curious.

[1] Ang, Y., & Yifan, L. (2012). Carbon Footprint Analysis for Baby Strollers. Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment, 10(4), 16-21. https://doi.org/10.1080/10042857.2012.10685103
[2] Greentripper.org/calculator

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Sustainable development goals

We contribute to SDG 12: 'responsible consumption and production' and 17 'Partnership to achieve the goals. The SDGs are seventeen goals set by the UN to make the world a better place by 2030. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. 

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