Rent sustainable baby products

Parents spend nearly $10,000 a year on their first baby. A beautiful pram, the best baby mattress and the cutest clothes. In the jungle of 'must have' baby products, you'd rather be safe than sorry. But is this really necessary? And what do you do with all those products when your baby has outgrown them? 

Customized products

Tiny Library helps parents contribute to a better world for their baby. We want babies to grow up safely and take full advantage of what the world has to offer when they grow up. We ensure quality, aesthetics and service and do so with our circular model. Without bad buys, with customized circular products.  

Pick up and to the next baby 

And has your baby outgrown the products? Then we'll just come and pick them up again and make another baby happy with them. This way, as a parent, you can have all the attention for your baby and we ensure a bright future together.

The story of founder Julie

Julie Munneke-Tromp

Tiny Library was set up by me, Julie Munneke. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was shocked by the huge eviction lists that I was sent and found on the internet. All lists differed, so which products did I really need to provide the right care for my baby?

This had to be better

I did find some second-hand items, but unfortunately the quality was not always as promised and it took a lot of time to find and pick up all the stuff. I hardly used many of my (newly) purchased items and the use of other products only lasted a very short time, after which they were stored in the attic. Not sustainable at all, not practical at all. Surely this had to be better? 

Safe and beautiful

This is how the idea for Tiny Library was born. A place where you, as a parent, get advice about the products and don't have to worry about the quality and condition. In addition, you also get it delivered to your home. Of course, you can only rent products from us that are safe and beautiful, and that remain beautiful due to the good quality and last as long as possible.

Circular economy

With Tiny Library we hope to encourage producers to extend the life of products and to optimally reuse raw materials so that we change the system to a circular economy.




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