Make up the crib (with sustainable bedding)

Wiegje opmaken (met duurzaam beddengoed)

You are completely ready for the arrival of your baby and everything is in the sustainable baby room. The last to-do, make up the crib . How to make up the crib? Because this is also part of a sustainable baby room, I have made a step-by-step plan that you can follow to prepare the crib, and how nice is it to do this with sustainable bedding ?

What do you need to make the crib?

You are going to start making the crib for your baby. It is useful to have all the supplies ready before you start. Below is a list of everything you need to prepare the crib.

  1. Durable mattress
  2. Durable mattress protector
  3. Durable molton
  4. Durable fitted sheet
  5. Durable sheet
  6. Durable blanket
  7. Durable hydrophilic diaper

As you can see in the list, you can choose to use sustainable bedding. Sustainable bedding is made from organic cotton or cotton with an Oeko-Tex label. Cotton has to come from afar and is treated with all kinds of chemicals that you do not want to have near your child. No chemical pesticides are used for the production of organic cotton. So that saves a lot. That is why it is a good option to choose sustainable fabrics in the nursery. This is not only better for your baby's health, but it also ensures a better living environment for the people who make the products. Now that you know what you need to make the crib, you can start.

Draw up a step-by-step plan for a crib

  1. Place the mattress protector over the mattress.
  2. Add an extra molton over it if necessary.
  3. Time to continue making the crib, you pull the fitted sheet over the mattress.
  4. Then place the hydrophilic diaper at the height of your baby's head. This catches spit etc. and ensures that you do not have to change the sustainable bedding every day.
  5. This is the last step, making the crib with the sustainable sheet and blanket. Tuck the sheet and blanket well under the mattress so that they cannot come loose. You let the sheet come out slightly from under the blanket and then an edge just falls over the blanket.

Last tip

Now one last tip, this is very important when making the crib. You have to make sure that your baby is lying with his feet close to the foot of the cot or crib and that the blanket ends at shoulder height. This way you prevent your baby from ending up under the bedding. It's important to do this right. With this step-by-step plan and this last tip, it will be all right with making the crib.

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By Annemarie Federer

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