When is the best time to have your baby stuff at home?

Wanneer kun je het beste je babyspullen in huis hebben?

A question we often get: when is the best time to have your baby supplies at home? A logical question, because renting is slightly different than buying. With our circular concept you only rent the products for the period that you actually need them and therefore will use them. This way you don't have unnecessary items lying around the house for months or you pay for something you don't use. That is why you can order in advance from us: during checkout you indicate when you would like to receive the product. Your subscription will also only start when we send the product to you on your desired delivery date. Handy, right?

When do you ensure that you have the must-haves for your baby layette at home?

For the things you really need, such as a co-sleeper or stroller , we recommend having them at home around week 37. Most deliveries are between 37 and 41 weeks and we know from experience that it gives you peace of mind to have it delivered on time.

In general, we see that parents want to be clear about the twentieth/twenty-fifth week of their pregnancy which larger products they want to rent or purchase. Think of a co-sleeper , stroller , playpen and, for example, a changing table .

Order in advance

We understand that it gives you peace of mind if you have already arranged these things. That is why you can order in advance from us - as far as you want. Please indicate when you want it delivered when you place your order and we will make sure it is taken care of.

Does your baby arrive earlier than planned? No problem: we can ensure that most products are delivered the next day. Also ideal for products that you are not yet sure you will need. Our advice: just order those products when your baby arrives and it turns out that you really need them.

Are you still looking for what you do or don't need? Baby layette lists are flying around your ears on the internet. Don't be fooled, you often don't need all those things and not immediately. Download our sustainable baby stock list including timeline, where we list for you approximately how long you use which baby products in the first years of your child. Or view our handy tools , where we have developed a quiz to find your ideal stroller. Do you still have questions? You can always send us a message, we will answer it with love.

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