Toys, why buy when you can also rent?

Speelgoed, waarom kopen als je ook kunt huren?

Children love to play, preferably all day long. Playing with toys is essential for children because they are good for emotional, social and motor development. That's all well and good, but after a while your entire house is full of toys while only a small part is actually played with. A waste of money, clean-up time and space.


Buying second hand is a good alternative, but takes a lot of time and you just have to be lucky to find the right product in the large selection and for a good price.

At Tiny Library we offer subscriptions to sustainable toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. This includes learning towers , climbing frames , stacking blocks , balance bikes , play tents and baby gyms . These are all nice toys of good quality, but sometimes they get tired of them after a few months. And then it actually gets in the way. The great thing about renting toys is that you can exchange them for something new. This way you can alternate regularly and your child will remain interested.

Save yourself the investment and exchange your toys for other toys, so it remains innovative and fun for your children! We can make another child happy with the toys you return.


By renting you not only contribute to a sustainable and circular world, it can also save you a lot of money! Renting is easily 50-70% cheaper than buying new. View our toy range with brands such as Ette Tette , Hangloose , Wishbone , VIAVIA Bike and Moes .


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