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Did you know that playing is extremely important for a child's development? More and more research shows that playing supports various areas of development, such as cognitive, social-emotional and physical development. But why buy all those toys when you can rent them? The best toys for your kids, the most useful for you. And if your children get tired of the toy quickly, you can simply exchange it for something new. This way it remains fun and sustainable!


It is important for children to vary the play materials so that the brain remains stimulated and learning areas are stimulated. But beware: having more toys does not automatically mean better. Too many toys can lead to overstimulation and choice stress in children. Therefore limit the number of toys and ensure variety. It has also been shown that children with fewer toys can concentrate more easily, play longer and are more creative in their play. In addition, they learn to play better together and are more careful with their toys.


Renting from Tiny Library is ideal because it gives children access to a wide range of toys, allowing them to develop multiple skills and interests without being overwhelmed. Now, of course, there are specific toys that suit certain needs and ages. We have therefore divided our range into four age categories so that you can easily find the best one for your child.

From 0 years

Modu and Jindl building blocks are great toys for babies from the age of zero. Modu is a modular toy system that invites children to build, experiment and discover. With the Jindl building blocks, children can let their imagination run wild and build their own castle. Both toy sets are safe, durable and stimulate children's creativity. According to experts, Jindl sensory mats contribute to well-developed foot muscles and stimulate blood circulation. This way your child can play and strengthen his or her feet at the same time.

From 1 year

Stapelstein 's stacking stones are not only fun to play with, but also good for motor development and a perfect example of open-ended play. This means that children play without rules or a real goal and can instead unleash their creativity. This way they can practice symbolic and abstract thinking, which increases their creativity and intelligence. The wooden toys from Van Dijk Toys are nice and sturdy and can therefore withstand a blow, as is regularly used in childcare. The Jindl balance board , balance beam and climbing frame are great for practicing balance and independent play both indoors and outdoors. These toys are not only fun, but also promote children's development of their balance, coordination and creative thinking.

From 2 years

Way to play , in collaboration with Planet Happy, offers endless possibilities to build roads and explore. Our Micro scooters and balance bikes are perfect for discovering the world in a safe and fun way . This allows children to practice their balance and explore their surroundings at the same time. Did you know, for example, that children who have practiced with a balance bike are often able to cycle sooner without training wheels? The Ette Tete learning tower offers children the opportunity to help safely in the kitchen and is easy to convert into a table and chair. Perfect for making memories together!

From 3 years

Connetix is ​​a great toy for children aged three and over as it stimulates their creativity and helps them develop their motor skills. The Pastel Creative Pack allows children to make their own constructions, while thePastel Ball Run Pack allows them to experiment with marble runs. Our marketing manager has these magnetic tiles at home and is amazed every day by what her toddler builds with them. With the Kapla packages, children can also give free rein to their creativity and make beautiful constructions, completely according to their own wishes and abilities.


Getting a new bicycle is of course a wonderful gift, but your child often outgrows it very quickly and is then ready for a larger size. In this case, renting is the perfect solution. Has the bicycle become too small? Easily return it and receive a larger size. This way your child can immediately go out and explore the world again. It is not without reason that Woom and Cube bicycles are favorites of many parents.

Which size bicycle is suitable for your child depends mainly on the inside and outside leg length. In the description of all our bicycles you can find which bicycle is ideal for which dimensions, so you always make a good choice.

Curious what other parents say about renting toys at Tiny Library?

“Really pleasant experience. Fast delivery, neat items. What a great concept! I recommend it to everyone. You only use certain things for such a short time that it would be a shame to have to purchase them yourself (expensively).” - Annalie

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