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Toilet training is important for children because it helps them develop a healthy relationship with their bodies. In addition, it can contribute to the development of self-confidence, body positivity and resilience. It teaches children to be aware of their needs, boundaries and intuition. This is not only good for your child but also for you because it increases independence and ease of daily routines. But how do you actually ensure that your child becomes toilet trained? And what are obstacles you may encounter? You will find answers to these and more questions in this blog.

When do I start toilet training?

There are two important factors to take into account here, namely age and signals. From 18 months onwards, the pelvic floor muscles and brain have physically matured and the connection between the brain and muscles is sufficiently developed. The perfect time to start practicing toilet training. However, it may also be the case that your child is already showing signs that you can start toilet training. This manifests itself, for example, in interest in a potty, imitating behavior, understanding that certain things belong in a certain place and being able to indicate that his or her diaper is dirty. You can view even more specific circumstances per child on the De Pot Op app.

On average, children in the Netherlands are toilet trained around the age of three, but this can be done much earlier. Since 1930, this age has increased considerably from 6 months to 3 years due to the development of the disposable diaper (endless washing was no longer necessary) and the popularity of the saying “wait until your baby is ready”. So you can start toilet training when you think your child is ready, but you can also start earlier, at 18 months for example. In any case, make sure that you as a parent are also ready. It takes a lot of time and energy for both.

What if my child is not interested in the potty?

In this case, you can do activities to make the action a positive experience, which will also help relax the pelvic floor muscles. You can do this by reading books, singing songs, blowing bubbles and playing other games on the potty. Try to stay positive and don't get angry if things don't work out. Gifts as an incentive are also not necessary, pride from you to your child is often reward enough.

Things often go well during the day, but more difficult at night, what can I do?

As soon as you manage to use the potty properly during the day, the evening and night will follow naturally. Try not to drink anything an hour before going to sleep to minimize the need to urinate and use a mattress protector in case things go wrong during the night. You can also wake your child up when you go to bed to pee, so you prevent accidents during the night.

How does De Pot Op training work?

You can choose to do toilet training intensively or gradually. If you do it intensively, there are often more accidents, but you will be done faster. If you do it gradually, you alternate the diaper and the potty. You can view both methods in detail in the De Pot Op app. Are you not sure which approach suits you and your child best? Take that test!

Diapers to promote toilet training

Washable diapers

You can also use washable diapers to help you transition from diapers to the potty. This is not only better for your baby, but also for the planet! With disposable diapers as the standard, the washable diapers feel very different for your child. This way they feel better about the sensation that they have relieved themselves and this promotes toilet training. In addition, washable diapers are cheaper in the long run than disposable diapers. Because the diapers consist of different parts, they are easy to wash and change from day to night. With the packages from Billie Wonder and Happy Bear you will receive everything you need for your child's diaper routine.

Disposable diapers

Would you rather have the convenience of disposable diapers? We also have a more sustainable alternative for that. Toddy's motto is 'no mess on your child's bottom'. This motto obviously comes from somewhere. Toddy diapers are made from 40% bio-based raw materials. In addition, the diapers do not contain any polluting ink or irritating perfumes. The diapers are extremely absorbent and the high closure provides extra protection against spray diapers. It is a thin diaper, which provides extra comfort. All Toddy diaper boxes contain a diaper supply of 6 to 8 packs that can last at least 5 weeks. That will save you a lot of worries as a parent!

At Tiny Library you will find various options to make your child's diaper career more sustainable, both with disposable diapers and washable diapers .

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