On an adventure with your little one in the Minimeis shoulder carrier

Minimeis schouderdrager

Are you looking for a convenient way to take your little one on an adventure this spring, summer or on vacation? Don't feel like or don't have the space to bring a buggy or pram? Then the unique Minimeis shoulder carrier might be something for you.

With the Minimeis shoulder carrier you carry your child, the name says it all, safely on your shoulders. Ideal for a city trip, while shopping or when you go to a festival.

You can use this unique shoulder carrier from the age of 9 months and it can be used for children up to 4 years old. Very handy for curious little ones who like to look around. This way your little one doesn't look at the legs or backs in larger crowds of people.

A shoulder carrier is comfortable for you as a parent because it is much lighter than, for example, a baby carrier or back carrier.

When not in use, you fold the shoulder carrier into a compact package of 30 cm x 30 cm and only 1.4 kg. This way you can easily take it with you in your suitcase, hand luggage or at the bottom of the pram.

Minimeis shoulder carrier

Rent instead of buy

If you only use the shoulder carrier for a short time, for example for a holiday, or only in the spring/summer, then it is smart to rent the Minimeis shoulder carrier . That is cheaper and more sustainable. After you, we would like to make another family happy with it.

Rent the minimeis shoulder carrier from €8.50 per month at Tiny Library.

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