Mom influencers: do you already follow these 5 inspiring mothers?

Mom influencers: volg jij deze 5 inspirerende moeders al?

Instagram, many have a love-hate relationship with the popular app. Because how wonderful is it to scroll aimlessly through that endless feed? A small escape from reality, between day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, it is also incredibly time-consuming and we often subconsciously compare ourselves to others more than ever. Fortunately, we ourselves have a lot of influence over who we follow and when we do it. In this blog we tip five mothers who each inspire us in their own way.  

La Vie Sanne
The Sanne Life

Looking for a daily dose of humor in your feed? Search no further! 30-year-old Sanne is mother of son James, daughter Isa and recently gave birth to a brand new daughter. She is known for her witty humor and hilarious characters. With her honest view on motherhood and statements like: “Home is where me chip is” she makes many laugh. 

Elise Groenewoud
Elise Groenewoud

Elise is a mother of three kids who navigates life through bustling Amsterdam. She shares her honest vision of motherhood and does not shy away from the downs that parenthood entails. Her openness about self-development, and as she says herself, chaotic household work is refreshing in the often (too) polished Instagram world. 

marketing woman

Last fall, Chanel Matil Lodik released her first book called The Anti-Racism Handbook, in which she explains why it is so important to engage with anti-racism and how you can actively contribute to an inclusive society. In addition, this inspiring woman is also a mother, speaker and influencer and she broaches topics which everyone thinks of, but which hardly anyone dares to discuss. Think of topics such as diversity & inclusion, autism, but also entrepreneurship and motherhood. 

Nina Pierson
Nina Pierson 

She is co-founder of SLA (the well-known salad bars), mom entrepreneur, author, but above all mother of three beautiful kids. She was very successful with her book Mama'en (the guide to pregnancy, birth and maternity) and last January she published the book 'The Birth Bundle', a beautiful collection of birth stories from woman to woman. Through her Instagram she shares everything about the ins and outs of busy family life and her businesses, her unfiltered view of parenthood and gives fun, sustainable and useful tips.  

De Huismuts
The House Cap

As her Instagram bio describes: “Pretty pictures, real stories”, which is exactly what you can expect when you see Rachel van Sas a.k.a. The House Hat follows. Together with her husband Willem and two daughters Rosie and Pip, she chases her dreams. For example, since 2021 they have been proud owners of Het Wylde Pad, a small-scale holiday park in Friesland, where you can escape the daily hectic for a while. Rachel is also the right place for great interior tips and pictures!