Renting baby products from Tiny Library versus buying second-hand: the pros and cons

Babyspullen huren bij Tiny Library goedkoper dan tweedehands kopen

Is renting baby equipment from Tiny Library cheaper than buying second-hand baby products via Marktplaats?

Buying second-hand baby equipment via websites such as Marktplaats or Vinted is a more sustainable alternative for your layette. We often get the question whether renting from Tiny Library is cheaper than buying second-hand. This of course differs per product and per situation, but in general renting from Tiny Library is cheaper than purchasing second-hand via Marktplaats. You can assume that you save 50% to 70% of the new price of the product if you rent it, depending on how long you rent the product. Compared to buying a product via Marktplaats, you can easily save 30% by renting. With us you can always choose between at least 3 options for your rental period, so you can make a well-considered choice yourself. It also saves you a lot of hassle and time, something that is also worth a lot to you as a busy parent (to be). This way you have all the time for your baby. Not convinced yet? See below a number of calculation examples of popular baby products such as prams, co-sleepers and buggies, where we compare the new price with the average second-hand price and the average rental price at Tiny Library.

Buying new and buying second-hand versus renting at Tiny Library: compare prices

In addition to the financial benefits of renting, there are other important considerations to consider. Consider, for example, the convenience, flexibility and service that renting can offer you and the time it can save you. We have listed these advantages in the overview below.

Buying your layette second-hand versus renting baby gear at Tiny Library: the pros and cons at a glance

Buy second hand

Rent at Tiny Library

Your favorite product is difficult or impossible to find.

Easy to navigate on our website and find your favorite product within a few clicks.

The offer consists largely of older models.

Choose from the latest models.

Negotiate and agree with the seller.

A fixed transparent price depending on your wishes.

Popular products are often already gone or you are outbid.

Your favorite product always in stock.

An average Marktplaats purchase quickly takes 1 to 2 weeks from the moment of search to having it at home.

Ordered before 12:00 = delivered tomorrow.

Pick up the product on the other side of the country or high shipping costs.

Free delivery to your home from 100 euros at a time of your choosing. Free return.

Not sure if the product is in the same condition as in the photos.

Guarantee that your product is clean, safe and intact.

Displeased? You cannot return the product, so you have to find a solution yourself.

Personal customer service ready to assist you if you have any questions.

When you no longer use the product, you must store it in your home or resell it at a great deal of hassle or loss.

Are you no longer using the product? Send it back for free. Your house is tidy again and another baby is happy with your product.

Your money is 'stuck' in 1 product.

You have the flexibility to exchange your product.

You pay a high amount in 1x for a product of which you are not sure whether or how long you will use it.

You pay a low monthly fee and retain the flexibility to cancel after your minimum rental period.

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