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It is extremely important for you and your baby that he or she can sleep well and healthily. Children sleep half the time during the first 4 years. A nice place to sleep where your baby can sleep comfortably is a must and the baby mattress plays a major role in this. You can choose a sustainable baby mattress or a mattress made of non-natural materials . In this blog we explain the difference.

Baby mattress made of non-natural materials

Most baby crib mattresses are made from non-natural materials such as foam and polyether. Unfortunately, these mattresses contain a large amount of harmful substances, not really a nice idea. These harmful substances are called VOCs , which stands for ' volatile organic compounds'. The baby mattresses that contain these substances consist of memory foam and cold foam. In addition, petroleum is used in the production of standard mattresses. And to continue, gases are injected into the mattresses to prevent insects during transport. So it is good to look at this when you are going to buy a mattress for the baby room.

The sustainable baby mattress

Of course, you do not have to choose a mattress that is made of non-natural materials. You can also choose a sustainable baby mattress. This is made from exclusively natural materials such as natural latex, coconut fiber, organic cotton and organic wool. If your baby is on a durable mattress, your baby will not inhale harmful substances while sleeping. This way you can prevent your baby from developing asthmatic complaints or allergies. This also makes you go to bed feeling better at night.

Tips for a sustainable baby mattress

The prices of mattresses made of natural materials are higher than the prices of mattresses made of foam and polyether. Because your child spends so much time on it, it is wise not to cut back on this. By renting the mattress you save on costs and you can still make the best choice for your child for a low monthly amount.

If you already have a mattress, use a mattress protector made of organic wool or organic cotton. And air out your mattress often.

Co-sleepers with durable baby mattress

  • Co-sleeper Bednest : this is a freestanding crib, co-sleeper, Moses basket and travel crib in one. The bed is quick to assemble and you can fold it completely for easy travel or storage.
  • Chicco Next2Me Magic : what makes this co-sleeper unique is that it can easily be put in a swing position to make it as comfortable as possible for your baby.
  • Co-sleeper white wood : you can use this bed as a co-sleeper or as a regular cradle and it has three different sleeping heights. This way it fits perfectly next to the bed.
All co-sleepers are supplied with a durable mattress. If you prefer a new mattress, you can order this separately.

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