Cozy together with your baby at the table

Stokke Tripp Trapp newbornset

Only when your baby can sit independently is your child ready for a high chair. However, it can be useful and of course pleasant if your child can sit at the table with you. There is a good chance that your baby will just start crying when you are about to sit down to eat. With a high chair with newborn set, your meal time does not have to change, just sit comfortably and involve your child in your table ritual.

What are the benefits of dining together?

1. It strengthens the natural bond

Babies naturally have a great need for contact, especially when they are just born. When you sit at the table with your child, your child is close, you can often make eye contact and you have a lot of interaction. All this has a positive impact on your little one and contributes to his or her development. Moreover, your child is often calmer if he/she can be near you.

2. You can feed your baby while you eat yourself

If your baby receives a (expressed) bottle or perhaps already enjoys small snacks, you can simply give them when you are eating. This way you don't have to feed your little one before you have time to eat yourself. In addition, the newborn set can be adjusted with one hand, allowing you to multitask effortlessly.

3. Your baby learns good eating habits

Babies take in everything they can to shape their world. This also includes how you sit at the table and how you use your knife and fork. This way your baby learns what is normal and this will easily be adopted when your child is old enough to eat at the table.

At the table with your baby

At Tiny Library we have five high chairs that your child can use from birth.

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp newborn set

This is a seat that you attach to the Tripp Trapp chair and in which your newborn baby can lie. The seat is equipped with a 5-point safety harness so that your child can lie safely. You can also attach a toy hanger on which you can hang a cuddly toy. In addition, the seat is provided with a thick layer of fabric in which your child can lie wonderfully comfortably. Pull up the chair and let your child enjoy your table ritual.

2. Kaos Klapp newborn set

The Kaos Klapp newborn set makes the Kaos Klapp high chair suitable for newborns up to 9 kg, so your baby can sit comfortably at the table. The seat is made from recycled fishing nets, is easy to attach and remove, and the cushion is washable at 30 degrees. Sustainable and practical: the newborn set offers an environmentally conscious solution for shared meals.

3. Bugaboo Giraffe newborn set

With the Bugaboo newborn set for the Giraffe high chair, your little one can sit comfortably at the table from birth. Color indicators ensure correct attachment, and the 5-point belt provides a safe seat. When your baby can sit independently, on average from 6 months old, you can switch to the Bugaboo Giraffe baby set .

4. Stokke Step Bouncer newborn set

The Stokke Steps Bouncer is the perfect addition to the Stokke Steps high chair . This newborn set is safe and comfortable with an ergonomic design and always offers your baby the correct sitting position. What makes this chair extra fun? The bouncer can also be used separately as a bouncer! When your baby can sit independently, which is on average from 6 months old, you can switch to the Stokke Steps baby set .

When to switch from newborn set to baby set?

A newborn set can be used until your child weighs approximately 9 kilos. At Tiny Library we have noticed that parents use the tub until their child is about 6 months old. Babies often feel the need to sit up straighter and need more freedom of movement.

The Tripp Trapp baby set , Bugaboo Giraffe baby set , and Kaos Klapp baby set offer a solution! These seats are also easy to attach to the highchairs. With the baby set your child will learn to sit independently. In addition, the baby set offers your little one comfortable side and back support. As soon as your child can sit up independently, you can return the baby set. Your child can then sit independently in the high chair.

Both the newborn set and the baby set are used for a relatively short time and are quite expensive when new. Isn't it a shame to buy them new? At Tiny Library you can rent these products from a fixed amount per month. Has your child outgrown the newborn set? Then easily exchange it for a baby set. We professionally refurbish the product and make another family happy with it.

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