Give your layette a second life

Geef je babyuitzet een tweede leven

Sustainability is and remains a hot topic. Everyone tries in his or her own way to contribute to a better climate. There are many ways to minimize your impact on the environment. We often think that our contribution has little or no influence, but it is precisely the small things that make the difference. By making conscious and green choices in everyday life, you can quickly limit your impact on the environment. In this guide you will find useful tips to give your layette a second life. By renting, reusing or borrowing items, you extend the lifespan of products and you can easily reduce your ecological footprint.

Geef je babyuitzet een tweede leven
Buy and sell online
Whether it's furniture, clothing or other trinkets, buying and selling stuff online is more popular than ever. We all know the well-known platforms Marktplaats and Vinted. A lot of baby stuff is only used for a short period of time, so they can often last a round or two or three. Think, for example, of a maxi-cosi, baby bath or baby clothes that have hardly been worn. By giving baby items a second life, you not only save some nice pocket money, but you also limit the impact on the environment: win-win!

Flea markets
King's Day is approaching and this year we can finally scour the flea markets again. The perfect moment to score nice (baby) stuff for next to nothing. A tip for the treasure hunters among us: make sure you are there on time. The morning has gold in its mouth, certainly applies to the flea markets that take place on King's Day. Oh yes, bring enough cash with you, because most stalls do not accept card payments.

For the good cause
Every year, about 19,000 babies are born to families living below the poverty line. Do you still have baby items in the attic, but you don't have time to sell them (online) or would you like to help others? Then donate them to a good cause and support families in need. Think of cots, prams, clothing, but also toys, bedding, hot water bottles and hydrophilic cloths. Some great initiatives to donate stuff to are Baby Stuff Foundation, an asylum seekers' center in your area or the Toy Bank.

You can easily rent the most beautiful and finest baby products of the moment via Tiny Library. By renting products instead of buying, we save on CO2 emissions. Together we ensure a better world for your baby.