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You also want the best for your baby when it comes to clothing. In addition to being practical, looking nice and comfortable for your baby, you may also find it important that the clothing is durable. But what exactly does that mean? And where can you find nice sustainable baby clothes? Below we give you a few useful tips.

Why sustainable?

You want the best for your child. Not only now, but also later. That is why it is good to think about things you can do to contribute to a more sustainable world. For example, you can opt for sustainable baby clothes. Since babies grow quickly, buying baby clothes is not always sustainable. Still, you have many options to choose more conscious clothing for your baby. Sustainable babywear choices can mean anything. Consider, for example, avoiding fast fashion brands, extending the life of the clothes or buying less baby clothes. In this way you contribute to a better climate for your child or you know for sure that the clothes were not made in unpleasant working conditions.

Secondhand clothing

By choosing second-hand clothes you extend the life of baby clothes. This way you give the clothes a second life and ensure that they don't end up in the garbage bin after a few months. There are several ways to get used clothes. You can, for example, borrow or take over from friends or family. You can also shop second-hand clothing online via Marktplaats or Vinted. If you like to see and feel the baby clothes before you buy it, there are also many nice second-hand children's clothing stores. Examples are Otis en de Wolf in Amsterdam, Kinderachtig Kinderwinkel in Utrecht, Achtung! Baby in The Hague and Kickaboo! in Rotterdam.

Sustainably produced clothing

Of course it is also nice to buy a few new clothes for your baby. Then you can look at sustainably produced baby clothes. For example, you can opt for sustainable baby clothes made from organic cotton. The difference with ordinary cotton is that no nasty pesticides have been used that could be harmful to your child. It is also nice to know that the clothes are produced fairly. So whether the makers of the clothing can do this in good conditions and whether they are paid fairly for this. You can also pay attention to whether clothing brands have the GOTS certificate. This certificate indicates that the fibers come from organic farming. Genetic manipulation is not allowed and no chemical or artificial plant protection products or artificial fertilizers are used. Very nice for your baby.

Sustainable baby clothes

6x sustainable baby clothing brands

Sustainable is often still associated with expensive or less trendy. That is no longer the case nowadays and that is why we have listed a few nice brands for you:

  1. Nixnut - Nixnut is a somewhat younger brand where they believe in quality over quantity and Fair Trade production over mass production. At Nixnut you will find timeless sustainable baby clothes that are comfortable for your baby and are of premium quality. All clothes are made in a fair way in Europe and also from natural and organic fabrics.
  2. Phil&Phae - For some good essentials for your baby you can take a look at this website. At Phil&Phae they believe in soft fabrics and colours, sustainability is important and the clothes are timeless and not seasonal. The clothes are of high quality so that they last longer. They also work with organic cotton and find it important that the clothes are made fairly in Europe.
  3. Gray Label - Even more sustainable than buying is of course renting. We are a big fan of that and that is why Gray Label is a nice option. Here you can rent baby clothes for your baby through a subscription. In addition to being very durable, it is also useful. As soon as your baby has grown out of the clothes, you can exchange the clothes for a larger size.
  4. Dilling - At this clothing brand from Denmark you will find beautiful organic underwear for the whole family. For example, they have fine sustainable rompers in different colors for your baby. The production takes place in Europe and the production of the clothing is ecological. Because the underwear comes directly from the manufacturer, it is also nicely priced.
  5. Ziloen - This nice webshop was founded by mother and daughter. At ziloen you will find various organic and sustainable clothing for your baby made of wool, silk and cotton. In addition to sweet baby clothes, you can also find other sustainable products such as wooden toys at Ziloen.
  6. Nanami - This lifestyle brand for babies is inspired by nature. That is why they only use ecological and natural materials. In addition, the fabrics are also super soft. In addition to sweet baby clothes, they also have many other nice things, such as diaper cloths, nursing pillows and more.

Useful tips

  • While it might be great fun for your friends and family to pick out baby clothes and give them as a gift when you just gave birth, it's not the most sustainable gift. You often get a lot of clothes in a certain size, so your baby can only wear these clothes a few times. You can therefore indicate that you are happier with other things. Still need inspiration? Then take a look here.
  • Invest in good basics. This is not only very nice for you, but also for your baby. So make sure you have some nice timeless basics of good quality. You can combine these with all kinds of clothes and are often not seasonal. This way you can also easily pass on the clothes to friends and family.
  • To top it off, you can choose to switch to ecological detergent. A brand that we like is, for example, the organic and fair trade detergent from Seepje .

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