Sustainable living tips

Duurzaam leven tips

We all want a healthy world for our baby. That's why you might want to start living more sustainably. There are many different ways to make your life more sustainable. While it is impossible to make your life 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly, there are several things you can do to make your life more sustainable. That is why we have listed various sustainable living tips for you below. 

Why sustainable?

It is now clear that we should not continue to treat the world in the same way that we do now. The world is warming, plastic is polluting the oceans, ecosystems are under pressure, emissions are creating a hole in the ozone layer and fossil fuels are running out. We cannot solve these big problems one, two, three ourselves, but there are small changes we can make in our lifestyle that contribute to a better world for your baby.

Sustainable living tips for home

  • Interior - When it comes to interior design, you can make various choices to make your home more sustainable. First of all, opt for a more timeless and minimalist design where you don't want to redecorate your house every year. In addition, choose natural products such as wood, bamboo and wool. When it comes to equipment and electrical appliances, you can take a look at refurbished. Equipment is given a second life by renewing outdated parts so that other parts can last longer. Finally, you can also look at second-hand products. You can go to the thrift store for this, but there are also many nice instagram accounts that offer all kinds of vintage products. For example, take a look at the account of Mommy Circle.
  • Energy consumption - You can also research how you can reduce your energy consumption. For example, replace your lamps with LED lighting, see how you can better insulate the house, turn the heating down one degree in winter and wear a thick sweater more often. Make sure you don't leave lights on unnecessarily. You can also look at more sustainable ways of energy, such as purchasing solar panels or a heat pump. 
  • Water consumption - Have you ever kept track of how long you're in the shower? For example, when you take a shower for about 10 to 15 minutes, about 120 liters of water already flows through the shower drain. Not very necessary, as you will not need more than a few minutes to wash. For example, set an alarm when you take a shower or opt for a water-saving shower head. Also pay attention to other unnecessary water consumption. For example, put a barrel in your garden to collect rainwater. You can use this rainwater later to water the plants.
  • Minder single used items in huis - Also pay attention to how many single used items you use at home and whether you can replace them with a more sustainable alternative. For example, think of sandwich bags, cotton wool, cotton pads and straws. Nowadays you have many sustainable and fine alternatives for this. 

Duurzaam leven tips

Sustainable living tips for food

You can also do a few things in the field of nutrition. The first thing on your mind is probably eating less meat and dairy. This is a lot easier these days because the supermarkets are full of meat and dairy substitutes. But also keep an eye on how much food you throw away. You can prevent this by freezing leftovers and eating them at a later time. 

Another tip is to look at the best before date when shopping. If you do your shopping for that evening several times a week, it is best to buy products with the best-before date of that day itself instead of a few days later. That way you avoid the supermarket having to throw away food. It is also smart to put a few reusable bags in your shopping bag for loose vegetables, fruit and sandwiches, so that you do not have to use a plastic bag. It is even better to do your shopping at the market. This way you avoid a lot of plastic packaging and you buy local products.

Sustainable living tips for the road

You can also make some sustainable adjustments when you are on the road or going to travel. For example, opt for the train instead of the car or plane. Always take a coffee cup to go with you. Nowadays you can give your own coffee cup at many places for a coffee to go. You often even get a discount on your coffee. In addition, make sure you always have a reusable bag folded in your bag. If you go to the supermarket or a clothing store, you do not have to ask for a plastic bag. 

Sustainable webshops

To help you on your way with a sustainable lifestyle, we have listed a few nice sustainable webshops below:

  1. TRUE: If you're looking for a fun and sustainable gift, take a look at TRUE. This sustainable department store also has a webshop where you can find all kinds of sustainable products. The products are sustainably produced, fair trade, organic, ecological, recycled or produced in sheltered workshops. 
  2. dill and chamomile: This well-known store also has a very nice webshop. Dille and Kamille has been known for their natural products for years. Plastic is not welcome. You can go to Dille en Kamille for almost everything you need at home. In addition, they also have nice products for your baby such as wooden toys, dolls and cuddly toys. A nice side effect is that all products state where they are produced.
  3. Paper & Boo† This is a webshop that sells sustainable products for the kitchen and bathroom. Think of reusable cotton pads, sustainable toothpaste, shampoo bars and sustainable solutions for keeping food fresh. Under the motto 'improve the world, start with yourself', their goal is to reduce the use of plastic by replacing it with more sustainable alternatives that last longer. In this way they show that a sustainable lifestyle does not have to be difficult at all. 

Sustainable sustainability

Although these are all very good changes to make your life more sustainable, it does not mean that you should apply all the tips immediately. This often only results in stress and that is of course not good for your baby. It is also difficult to keep up with these changes if you immediately want to do too much. So start with one or two small changes first. Once you've found your way around that, you can try something new. And remember, you can never do everything right.