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A bouncer is indispensable in your baby set. Especially for the first few months, when your child cannot yet lie or sit on his or her tummy properly, but already wants to see more. This way your child can keep a close eye on you while you are cooking or working with your other child. But what do you pay attention to when choosing a rocking chair and how long do you actually use this product? We list it for you in this blog.

What is a rocking chair?

A rocking chair is actually your baby's very first chair. A rocking chair can rock or rock and provides a safe environment for your baby. Your baby can sit comfortably in a rocking chair, play and look around freely. A rocking chair is very useful if you want to have your hands free to do other things while your child is still safely near you.

Different types of

There are different types of bouncers/rockers.

1. The rocking chair. The 'normal' rocking chair moves in a natural way. This means that when your baby moves, the bouncer also moves. Is your baby busy kicking? Then the rocking chair goes up and down. An electric rocking chair moves automatically, often on battery power.

2. The rocking chair . This does not move up and down but rocks back and forth. Because this is often difficult for your baby's motor skills, these are also often electric.


A rocker is not necessarily necessary for the development of your baby. It is especially nice that your baby can view and discover the world around him. For you as a mother or father, a rocking chair is a very useful way to free your hands for cooking, doing the laundry or vacuuming the dust, for example. But what about the safety of a bouncer?

- Time. It is important that your child does not spend too much time in his or her seat. Spending too long in a sitting position is not good for your child's development. SafetyNL advises not to place a child in a bouncer for more than one hour at a time. With a maximum of two hours per day. This includes the time your child spends in a car seat or stroller. Place a baby in the playpen or on a playpen mat as much as possible, especially in the first weeks, so that your baby has plenty of room to move and explore.

- High surfaces. It is important that you prevent dangerous situations by not placing the rocker on surfaces that are too high. Due to your baby's up-and-down rocking, there is a chance that the rocker will shift and fall.

- Soft surfaces. Do not place the seat on surfaces that are too soft to avoid the risk of suffocation.

- Curtains and cables. It is also important not to place a rocking chair next to your curtains or near loose cables. Your baby can grab the curtains or cables, causing the seat to fall over.

- Sun. Do not place a bouncer too close to a heat source, such as a stove or fireplace, or in the sun. Your baby may then become too warm and overheat.

- Harness. Make sure you put the harness on at all times and never leave your baby alone when he or she is in the seat.

How long do you use a bouncer?

You can already use a bouncer when your baby is a few weeks old. Because sitting in the seat is quite tiring for your child, it is important that your child only sits in it for a short time. It is also important that the rocking chair lies flat for newborn babies. Only when your child can support his or her head can the chair be placed upright.
You can use a rocking chair until your child is about 9 months old, or weighs about 9 kg. Exactly how long you can use the bouncer depends on the size of the seat, but also on the mobility of the child.

Benefits of a bouncer

- Adjustable. A rocking chair can often be placed in different positions, a rest and play position.

- Collapsible. Most bouncers are foldable, making them easy to carry or store. Also, for example, on holiday.

Rent a rocking chair

Interested in a rocking chair ? At Tiny Library you can rent five different types of rocking chairs from Stokke, Bugaboo and Kaos. You only use a rocker for a short time and that is exactly why we rent it out! By renting and sharing with each other, we also ensure that less needs to be produced. So good for the environment!

We rent the Babybjörn rocking chair, the Nuna Leaf rocking chair and the Stokke Bouncer rocking chair. These rocking chairs work without batteries.

Babybjörn Bouncer

With the BabyBjörn bouncer, your baby gets perfect support for his or her head and back. This ergonomic rocking chair has a fabric seat that shapes to your little one's body and distributes the weight evenly. Natural rocking is easy without batteries and the chair has 3 positions perfect for sleeping, resting and playing. Also nice, you can easily take the rocking chair with you as a flat-folded package.

Nuna Leaf rocking chair

The Nuna Leaf Grow rocking chair grows with your child and is inspired by a soft leaf that rocks back and forth soothingly with a light touch. The chair rocks gently and rocks for more than 2 minutes with one push. The movements are so soothing that your child will fall asleep. This bouncer is perfect from birth to toddler, thanks to the removable safety harness.

Stokke Bouncer rocking chair

The Stokke Bouncer rocking chair is a wonderful, comfortable rocking chair with a nice rocking movement. As your baby grows bigger and stronger, he or she will start using their abdominal and back muscles. Your child can entertain and calm himself through natural movement. The chair is multifunctional and can be used as a Newborn Set on the Stokke Steps high chair for fun at the table.

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