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Hooray, you are / you are pregnant! A super exciting time is coming: a baby is growing in your or your partner's belly. Welcome to the world of babies and baby equipment. Because with such a small one also comes numerous baby products that you need. Not only does it cost a lot of money, your child will also grow out of it in no time. That's why for all parents and parents-to-be 9 tips for more sustainable choices, which are also much cheaper.

1. Borrow your baby products from family/friends

Ideal if you have friends and/or family in your area from whom you can borrow things. Sustainable and cheap! Think of cribs, boxes, bouncers or perhaps a pram?

2. Buy your baby stuff second hand

The rise of the second-hand market is huge! And because baby and children's products are often used for such a short time, there is a lot to find! Our tips:

  • Vinted 's search features are very nice, so that you can search well by category.
  • Cloffee : for the nicest children's clothing and toys
  • Quinnies in Amsterdam. Come by and drink a nice cup of coffee.

3. Rent baby clothes that your child will grow out of in no time

There is nothing your baby grows out of faster than baby clothes. In 2 years they grow through 8 sizes! Our experience is also that you cannot always reuse it for a second child: the season and gender are very decisive. I had two boys in quick succession, but one in winter (it was literally -3 at birth) and the other at the end of May (with 30 degrees outside). The first wore thick wool rompers and playsuits, number 2 barely wore a romper. Then number 3 also became a girl, so basically we could hardly reuse anything!

I also have to say that I also really like the headspace of continuously sorting out clothes, putting them in boxes, checking what you have left, not being able to find things, going through all the boxes again, sorting clothes again and putting them in closets. So great when it can go back to the post and I don't have to think about it anymore.

Nice tips for renting baby clothes:

  • Red orka : rompers and other beautiful brands.
  • The Amsterdam brand Gray label also offers a rental service for children aged 0-2 years. I have gratefully used this myself!

4. Opt for a natural maternity package with a smaller footprint

The standard maternity package really doesn't make us very happy. Lots of plastic and everything white and sterile. That's why we started looking for natural products with a smaller footprint. Dalalou offers a wonderful package that contributes to the healthy and safe development of the child and contributes to a faster recovery of the mother. This helps towards a relaxed postpartum period.

5. Buy quality stuff that lasts a long time

Sustainable literally means that things last a long time. The most sustainable thing you can do is to give things a long life. So if you buy a beautiful chest of drawers that will be in the nursery for years, that's fantastic! This also applies to toys. I am immensely irritated by the plastic toys of the Action which (no kidding) are already broken within a day. Such a shame! That is why I am also a fan of buying quality products.

Here are a few tips for quality toys:

  • Lovevery 's play kits. Best at the price, but good quality and guarantees hours of fun.
  • Wooden toys from Grimm's , such as a rainbow play arch.
  • Train track from Brio, so sturdy, indestructible

6. Washable diapers instead of disposable diapers

Not everyone is a fan, but to be honest: it saves a lot of waste and money! You can save up to €800 versus disposable diapers and reduce no less than 22 kg of waste per month, talk about sustainable. In addition, it also ensures a faster toilet training, so double winning!

A good option is Billie Wonder 's natural washable diapers.

7. Upcycle old products and give them a second life

Nothing more fun than refurbishing your old dresser or bedstead, for example, where you or someone from your family has been lying in yourself. This way you can give old products a second life. Super sustainable because this way you extend the life of products and there is no need to produce anything new. And do you think your child will notice this?

8. Only buy products you really need: baby monitor app

The most sustainable choice is literally not to buy things. 'Reduce' is at the top of the sustainable ladder. An example of a product that you do not necessarily have to buy is a baby monitor. You can download very good apps on your phone or tablet, so that you use them instead of a baby monitor.

9. Rent a co-sleeper or stroller

Products that you use for a short time are particularly ideal for renting. You save money, you are flexible in your choices for different children and you do not have the hassle of storing or reselling. You use most products a lot shorter than previously thought and as a parent you also have different needs with every development in the family. This is something that you have no idea in advance and therefore do not take into account. Think of a co-sleeper that you use for a maximum of 6 months or a baby carrier that you use intensively during your leave.

Our tips:

  • Newborn seat for the Stokke Tripp Trapp. You use this for a maximum of 6 months and then you switch to the baby set.
  • Wipper : one uses it very intensively, the other child absolutely does not want to use it. Rent a bouncer to test if you use it at all.
  • Stroller : There's something for everyone in stroller land. Are you having a second child? Then a double stroller is very nice. If you live in the city, you probably want to quickly switch to a buggy that doesn't block the entire hallway. So it's nice if you're flexible and can make new choices every time without spending tons of money.

You can go to Tiny Library for your entire baby list, sustainable and cheap.

Janny Lindeboom indicates:

“I just wanted to use a stokke baby set for a few months. Buying new is very expensive, not to be found on marketplace, so ended up at Tiny Library. Good, fast, friendly service! Easily accessible via email if you have any questions (that's how I've been in contact). The product was delivered neatly, as new. The instructions for returning, and any cleaning in between, were very clear. All in all, I am very satisfied and I definitely recommend borrowing from Tiny Library.”

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