We're not the only ones who love the product-as-a-service model. That is why we work together with game changers in other sectors to exchange knowledge. This is necessary if we want to stimulate a more sustainable future. That is why we are happy to share these cool circular brands with you. Did you know that in addition to baby equipment, you can also rent mattresses or artificial flowers?

Gamechangers Bedzzzy


Bedzzzy stands for sustainable sleep. With their flexible sleeping plans you can easily rent a mattress and bed. Because the mattress is offered as a subscription, Bedzzzy receives the mattress back after use, which means that they are able to fully recycle all their products. This way you are guaranteed a fully circular mattress. A nice side effect: the products are produced by Koninklijke Auping in Deventer, so you can be sure that your bed has been produced under fair conditions.

Gamechangers Bikeflip


Children grow, bicycles do not. Meet our friends from BikeFlip from Utrecht. BikeFlip refurbishes unused children's bicycles and rents them out for a monthly fee. Did you know that the Dutch bicycle depots and sheds are currently packed with more than 4 million bicycles that are still of good quality?

If the bike has become too small, it can be exchanged for a larger one. They also take care of the maintenance. No more hassle with figuring out and repairing the children's bicycle. In this way, fewer bicycles need to be produced, saving 31.45 CO2 per bicycle.

Gamechangers Reflower


It remains a wonderful feeling: a bunch of fresh flowers at home. Unfortunately, this is not very durable. Luckily Reflower came up with a solution to still have the feeling of new flowers every month, but in a sustainable way: a subscription to artificial flowers. Choose a beautiful bunch of flowers including a vase and easily exchange the bunch for a new one as soon as you're tired of it.

Sharing permanent flowers together is easy, beautiful and also a circular solution. Per rented vase, it saves 20 kilos of flower waste and 100 kilos of CO2 emissions per year.

Gamechangers BIYU


TWO is the subscription to stuff that you can use every now and then for a job, but you don't need it often. For a fixed amount per month you have unlimited access to more than 100 products. From drills to ladders and from kitchen machines to speakers.

All products are of top quality, so they last extra long. All processes are also carried out with respect for our planet. For example, BIYU delivers with an electric cargo bike and they do preventive maintenance. They also repair broken products and replace parts if necessary.

Gamechangers Chainable


In 2020 Chainable introduced the first circular Kitchen-as-a-service concept. These kitchens are specially designed for housing associations and institutional investors. These modular kitchens contain less sheet material, contain energy-efficient appliances and are made from residual materials. With the rental concept, Chainable can guarantee reuse and they can stimulate a kitchen world without waste.

Gamechangers Upperbloom


Cities and neighborhoods could use a lot more greenery. This is good for biodiversity, it reduces air pollution and it offers a solution for water storage. It is now easier to contribute to a green city with Upperbloom† With their innovative planters and ready-to-use plant sets you can easily create your own city garden. You don't need to have green fingers for this, because you don't have to do anything besides watering every now and then.

The planters are 100% recyclable and the plants come from Dutch soil. The plant sets are put together by people who are not (yet) able to make it independently on the labor market. Furthermore, Upperbloom offers the planters for rent so that they can be sure that they get the boxes back for reuse or recycling.