A baby carrier is a great way to go on an adventure with your baby. You carry your baby on your stomach or back and are so nice and close to each other.


Do you want to go out with your child, but is taking a pram or buggy not ideal? Then the baby carrier is the perfect alternative. It is not only nice to have your hands free and to be able to move easily, it also strengthens the bond with your child. Being so wonderfully close to each other is of course super nice.

baby carrier vs sling

A baby sling must be tied, while a baby carrier can often be clicked into place. In addition, a baby sling is easy to take with you when you are not using it and a baby carrier offers more convenience when you put your child in or out of the baby carrier. Curious about more information? Check out our blog .

  • Extra soft shoulder straps
  • Comfort and aesthetics
  • Easy-care Japanese denim
  • Easy to adjust headrest
  • Includes handy storage compartments
  • Integrated nightcap
wild ride
  • For toddlers and toddlers
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Magnetic closure
  • Weight on hips due to Exoframe Technology™️
  • Padded hip and shoulder straps
thule sapling
  • Baby carrier and backpack in one
  • Ventilation in seat
  • Perfect for a day of adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily rent your baby products:

1. Choose on our website which product or products you want to rent. We rent new and 'as good as new' products. Before the products are rented again, they are professionally cleaned and checked for safety.

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The subscription starts on the day your order is shipped.

Renting from Tiny Library is in most cases cheaper than purchasing second-hand products. You can expect to save up to 70% of the new price of the product if you rent it, depending on how long you rent the product. This is often 10-30% cheaper than buying via Marktplaats. With us you can always choose between at least 3 options for the rental period and can therefore make a well-considered choice yourself. It also saves you a lot of hassle and time, something that is also worth a lot to you as a busy parent (to be). This way you have all the time for your baby

You can order from us as soon as you know which products you need. At checkout you can indicate when you want to receive the products. Even if this is only in a few weeks or months. Very handy, you already arranged that!

Your subscription starts the moment you receive the products. Because you have already paid for the first month in the webshop, the monthly amount for the next month will be collected a month later via direct debit.

For products such as a co-sleeper and bassinet, we also recommend that you have these at home around week 37. Most deliveries are between 37 and 41 weeks and we know from experience that it gives peace of mind to have it delivered on time.


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Great service! I rented a co-sleeper for our baby. She slept in it next to me for five months [...] So nice that I didn't buy the co-sleeper, but rented it, because you only need it for a relatively short time. Highly recommended to rent baby products from Tiny Library!

Marijke G.

We rented a co-sleeper through Tiny Library - now that our daughter is 6 months old, the co-sleeper has also just been returned to Tiny Library, fantastic system. No hassle, just well organised.

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Alice S.


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