Which cargo bike do you choose?

An electric cargo bike is ideal to rent, because it can easily cost thousands of euros to purchase. That is why you can rent a wide range of cargo bikes from us.

Electric cargo bikes can be rented in various places, but often for 1 day or for a long period of 3 years. Are you looking for something in between? Would you rather rent a cargo bike temporarily? We get that. That is why you rent an electric cargo bike from us for a period of 6 months to 1 or 2 years. View all options below.

Urban arrow cargo bike

📍 The most popular cargo bike in the Netherlands

👌 Safe EPP bin

👫 2-3 children (front seat possible)

🔋 65 nm mid-engine with 500 W battery


📍 Made in the Netherlands

👌 Top bike for a competitive rate

👫 2-3 children (front seat possible)

🔋 80 m mid-engine with 600 W battery

included with all cargo bikes

🌧 Rain cover

🔑 Ring and padlock

🏡 Maintenance and service at home

📟 GPS theft protection

Protective cover

Included as standard

Rain tent

Extra to order

The more souls...

The more joy! Would you like to take an extra child with you on the cargo bike? No problem! Rent a bicycle seat and you're ready to go.

Luggage carriers are available separately from Urban Arrow and Dolly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The delivery time on cargo bikes is 2-4 weeks

All cargo bikes are supplied including:

  • Protective cover
  • Ring and padlock
  • GPS theft protection
  • Maintenance and service at home

You can order from us as soon as you know which items you need. In the check-out you can indicate when you want to receive the cargo bike. Then your subscription will only start. It is very nice for us to know well in advance that you want to rent a product, so that we can ensure that there is sufficient stock and that you receive it on time.

The subscription starts on the day your order is shipped.

We only consult the GPS tracker when the cargo bike is reported missing. The tracker is concealed invisibly and is also activated as soon as it is removed from the bicycle.

We will carry out annual maintenance at your location. This is for your safety and for the durability of the bicycle. We will contact you by telephone to schedule this.

You inform us of this and we will send our technician to you as soon as possible.

View our Fair Use Policy for cargo bikes via this link.


The service is very easy to use, the products are in great condition and the customer service is great. I can't recommend the service enough!

Tessa R .

Extremely happy with Tiny Library! A very nice and sustainable option to rent things that you only use for a short time but really need. Communication was nice and clear! Would do it again!

Roosje B.


Reliable service with clean and safe products

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