What are the best pregnancy apps?

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps

Nowadays we are all glued to our phones, whether this is good or not. Super fun to follow the development of your baby via an app. Is it still a peach or as big as a Galia melon? In case you don't feel this yourself yet haha! If you are looking for as many tips and information as possible about and around pregnancy during pregnancy, then you have come to the right place, because I have listed the best pregnancy apps for you.

How about mom

This free app includes over 150 articles, a helpful symptom checker, courses, and sports and relaxation exercises designed especially for new moms. The experts at How about mom help you, among other things, with starting breastfeeding, safely exercising again after childbirth, or with a meditation or relaxation exercise in your busy life.

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?

Prenatal workout app

This app provides Yoga exercises for the stage you are pregnant. Every day you get a new exercise of about 20 minutes that you can do that day. You can easily perform the exercises at home. You can use the app for free for the first seven days, but after that you pay $4.99 per month. 

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?

Zwitsal baby names app

You may have kept a name book from an early age with all the names you like for your little one, but if you don't have one, then it doesn't matter, because Zwitsal has come up with a nice solution to help with a baby name. select. Instead of browsing through many books and visiting websites, you can now find the perfect baby name for your little one via the Zwitsal baby names app. It's kind of like Tinder, but with baby names. You can choose from the names that are already there, but you can also enter names yourself. Then you and your partner can answer separately about what you think of those names and if you both like the same name then you have a 'match.'

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?


It may not be a real pregnancy app, because everyone can use it, but it is a very nice app to use during your pregnancy. With Headspace you can take a moment for yourself in between those stressful times. With the catch-up exercises you focus on your body and forget the rest of the world for a moment. By meditating you create peace in your body and after a few minutes of meditating you can take on the world again.

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?

24Baby Pregnancy App

With the 24Baby Pregnancy app you have everything in one. You can keep track of your own pregnancy through the pregnancy calendar and the baby calendar. By entering your due date you can keep track of the growth of your baby, but you will also find the important information per week that you need to know in that phase of your pregnancy. You can also keep track of your little one's development via the app after the birth. In addition, you can also become a member of the birth club, in which you come into contact with other parents who are expecting their little one in the same month or parents whose little one was born in the same month. Also, you have the community groups with the following groups as follows: Want Children, Single Parents, Dad Club and there are many more that you can get in touch with.

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?

Sure baby

This is a pregnancy app that is especially intended for (future) fathers. During the nine months of pregnancy you will find in this funny app: interesting information and tips, which will help you a lot for the next 9 months. This app is also available in book form on bol.com.

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?

Doula Childbirth Coach

A doula is a professional maternity coach who supports you with the non-medical side of your pregnancy and delivery. Now there is also a doula in the form of a pregnancy app. The app helps you during the first hours of labor to get through your contractions. When you get a contraction you can press the button and the doula will talk to you to get through the contractions. You will receive tips on how to cope with the contractions and especially help to let you relax.

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?

Pregnancy +

In this pregnancy app you can keep an eye on the development of your baby. In addition, you can keep a personal diary, you will find a baby turnout list and a contraction timer. You will also never miss an appointment, because from now on you can keep up with doctor appointments and you will also be informed about nutrition, exercise and childbirth. And that's not even all, because there are many more possibilities with the app. With this app you can be sure that you can get the most out of your pregnancy.

Wat zijn de leukste zwangerschaps-apps?The range of pregnancy apps you can choose from is endless. Above, I've selected the pregnancy apps that I thought were the most fun and enjoyable to use during pregnancy to share with you. If you know of an app that you have used during pregnancy, I'd love to hear about it!