What are the 3 best co-sleepers?

Wat zijn de 3 beste co-sleepers?

You always carry your baby with you during pregnancy. Of course you also want to protect your little one for the first few months after pregnancy and have it close to you. With a co-sleeper, your baby has its own place and your little one will sleep next to your bed at night. Because the side of the co-sleeper can be slid open and it can be attached to your own bed, you can sleep next to your little one and keep an eye on him or her. There are many different types of co-sleepers, but what is the best co-sleeper for your little one?

1. Co-sleeper Bednest

The Bednest co-sleeper is a freestanding crib, co-sleeper, Moses basket and carrycot. The Bednest is made of high-quality beech wood and has transparent sides and is therefore also air-permeable. The bottom of the co-sleeper can be folded, making it easy to lift and move, which is also handy for when you go out. The Bednest has a weight of 14 kilos and is adjustable in height up to 78 cm. In addition, you can also tilt this co-sleeper against Reflux, but also for when your baby has a cold. This co-sleeper from Bednest can be set up within a minute. The side of the co-sleeper can easily be removed and washed in the washing machine. You can also attach the Bednest to your own bed and it is easy to disconnect again.

Advantages of the Bednest:

  • Freestanding crib, co-sleeper and Moses basket and carrycot
  • Made of high-quality beech wood
  • Transparent sides
  • Easy to fold and take with you on the road
  • Possibility to tilt against Reflux
  • Bednest sides removable and machine washable
  • Beautiful design
  • Height adjustable up to 78 cm

Cons of the Bednest:

  • Relatively heavy as a carrycot

Wat zijn de 3 beste co-sleepers?

2. Chicco Next2Me Magic

's crib/co-sleeper Chicco Next2Me Magic can be used as a freestanding bassinet and as a co-sleeper. You can spend peaceful nights with your baby with the Chicco Next2Me Magic bassinet. The co-sleeper is very practical and can be opened and closed with one hand. As soon as you press the button, the sliding panel automatically slides down. This makes it ideal for grabbing and feeding your baby at night.

Chicco Next2Me Magic can easily be converted from a fixed position to a rocking position to reassure your baby and rock it to sleep.

Benefits of the Chicco Next2Me Magic:

  • Fits any bed
  • Has 4 castor wheels with brakes for effortless movement
  • Can be tilted in 4 positions, convenient with reflux
  • Has a rocking position
  • Maximum air circulation in the crib through the double windows in mesh fabric
  • Relatively light at only 13.1 kg


  • Less beautiful design than the other co-sleepers

Wat zijn de 3 beste co-sleepers?

3. Co-sleeper Lily van Petite Amélie

Petite Amélie's co-sleeper Lily is one of the 3 best co-sleepers. The Petite Amelie you can place it separately or directly next to the parental bed. The co-sleeper is made of European solid pine wood. You can easily open and close the gate by hand. It has wheels on the bottom, so you can easily move the co-sleeper. The maximum lying height of this co-sleeper is 64 cm, which makes it very suitable to place next to a high box spring. This co-sleeper can also be used as a crib. In addition, a well-breathing mattress is included.

Benefits of the Petite Amelie: 

  • Suitable to place next to a box spring bed
  • Gate can be easily opened and closed by hand
  • Is adjustable in height
  • Possible to use as a co-sleeper or as a regular crib
  • There are wheels on the bottom

Cons of the Petite Amelie:

  • Has 3 height settings (52, 58 and 64 cm)
  • Cannot be tilted against Reflux
  • Not suitable to take with you on the road

Rent or buy?

Buying a co-sleeper, crib or cot costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of storage space. And not unimportant: you use the product for a relatively short time, often only 3-4 months. That is why it is certainly interesting to rent one instead of buying one. When you no longer need the product, send it back. That way you save money and you have more space in your house for things that you will use more often. Take a look in of shop.

What ultimately is the best co-sleeper differs per person, because everyone has different tastes after all. It therefore depends on which co-sleeper is most suitable for you and your little one at that moment and where there is the greatest need for it. I hope this blog about the best co-sleepers has helped you with your final choice.

Hopefully this blog will give you a better idea which 3 co-sleepers are the best, and will give you a better idea which one to choose for your little one!